A lotta double unders

photo-23Jeff was kind enough to lead the 8:30 am session so that I may work out. He’s sometimes nice like that. I did, of course, lead warm up and cool down, and demonstrated scaling options for handstand pushups.

8-min AMRAP
1, 2, 3…
Power clean + 10 double unders

Rest 2 minutes

8-min AMRAP
1, 2, 3…
Power snatch + 10 double unders

Rest 2 minutes

8-min AMRAP
1, 2, 3…
Sumo dead-lift high pull + 10 double unders

Guidelines for weights:

  • < 125 | 50-65/30-45
  • 125 – 155 | 65-80/45-55
  • >155 | 80-95/53-63

One of my biggest concerns when opening CrossFit Surmount a year ago tomorrow was about successfully programming the workouts. Having worked out at quite a few boxes, I knew that programming was sometimes hit or miss. And sometimes outright shitty. I would look at what other boxes were programming to get some ideas, but never felt compelled to follow programming and/or program the same or even a similar metcon. As I got more comfortable with programming, particularly the strength portion, my confidence grew. I haven’t look at the programming at another box in months, with the exception of CFHQ.

Today was a Paul original. Then again, originality is merely unconscious plagiarism. You can quote me on that.

My goal was to complete all rounds of cleans, power snatches, and SDHPs unbroken, and if I hadn’t miscounted on a round (completed 9 instead of 10 cleans before realizing I had done so)  I would have achieved this goal. Dammit. I also completed all rounds of 10 double unders unbroken in that if I missed a rep when attempting a round of 1o, I started again at 1. I had to re-do 6 or 7 rounds, but I always completed 10 unbroken on the 2nd attempt.

As I didn’t take a picture of the whiteboard, I’m having to go on recall. Uhm, my memory isn’t always the best.

I lifted 75#, and it was plenty heavy enough. Luke was behind me the entire workout, sleeping soundly in the sun. He’s such a good boy!

Power cleans = 11 rounds. I’m confident that this was indeed my score, as I finished 10 unbroken double unders with a few seconds to spare.
Power snatches = 9 rounds + ? I know that I had begun to complete additional power snatches. I may have even completed 10 rounds. Damn memory.
SDHP = 11 rounds + 12 reps. I really had to push myself to complete all 12 unbroken SDHPs before time ran out.

I focused on form for all lifts. Fast elbows and extended wrists for cleans, for example. Extension and pulling myself under the bar for power snatches. Elbows high and barbell touching the clavicle.

That’s over 500 double unders, people.

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