Felicia makes me happy!

photo-32Yup, another exhausting day, as things are progressing with the expansion and I spent most of the day moving furniture and supplies and painting the floor of the new lobby. I was working right up to 4pm, but was bound and determined to work out today. Coach Chris led the session.

Sumo dead-lift

As I often do, I recorded weights on the whiteboard. Unfortunately, the weights were erased at the start of the 5:30 session, so I have to go by recall. Uhm, or I’ll just say that lifts felt wonderful and that last set was at 325#.

Solo or Partner WOD
23-min AMRAP; rest min 7-8 & 15-16
30 lateral bar hops
15 American KB swings (52/44)
15 slam balls (30 or 25/20 or 15)

Partners alternate activities.

I got to once again partner with Felicia! After our last encounter, I wasn’t sure if she was game. I’m game, but the “m” is silent. Just so you know.

Felicia began with lateral bar hops. I provided some coaching, and she quickly improved her speed and form. Felicia also used the 44# KB. Wow. Just, wow.

I completed all rounds of reps unbroken, and lateral bar hops with a literal twist. Yup, I did twisting lateral bar hops, and it was great fun! Coach Chris was kind enough to record. Haha! I also completed all KB swings as a snatch and press. That was tough.

If memory serves, we completed 3 reps shy of 16 (17?) rounds. Felicia was a trooper, and (for the most part) kept up with me.

8 rounds each equals 240 lateral bar hops and 120 KB swings and slam balls.

While challenging, this workout was a tremendous amount of fun!

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