Zombie Apocalypse

10014654_647443318654326_1700232469109469620_nSunday, April 13

“Zombie Apocalypse”
Team WOD

In teams of 4 or 5, complete the following activities as fast as possible:
Run away from zombies carrying supplies — 1 mile and 45/35# supplies, 200m minimum per teammate with 1 teammate working at a time
Partner zombie dead-lifts — 50 reps, 315/275/225#, minimum of 10 dead-lifts per teammate with 2 teammates working at a time; 1 barbell per team
Team zombie skull crushers — 250 reps, minimum of 50 reps per teammate with 2 teammates working at a time
Team partner carries — 400m, each teammate must be carried minimum of 50m and 1 person may be carried at a time
Team leader daring “no feet” escape — details provided
Individual rope climbs — 10 climbs per team (first come, first served)
Leap away from zombies — 100 box jumps, 24/20, with 2 teammates working at a time, minimum 10 box jumps per teammate
Team “supply throw” — 14# wall ball

Jeff led the 9:45 session. Emily, Thom, Blythe, and I were the only team of 4. Uhm, and we were a spectacular team!

We began with plate carries. It had been quite some time since I’d completed a plate carry, and I couldn’t seem to remember how to carry the plate. Huh? On my shoulder? That hurt. Like a baby? Nope. By my side? Yup, that seemed to work best. Emily and I ran together, and I made sure to wait for her so that we could finish together, you know, since it was a team workout and sh!t.

Rope climbs went well, although I neither wore longs socks nor taped my leg. I completed 2 climbs using J-hook method.

Sledge hammer swings were next. It took some time to completed 250 reps. We all worked very well together. Uhm, I told people what to do. That’s sooooo very unlike me.

If memory serves me, we did partner dead-lifts next. Thom and I lifted 10 & 15 reps @ 315# the first and second sets, respectively. He has long arms, probably because he’s tall. Probably.

I completed the scaling of the pull-up rig, and pretty damned fast, I might add. I might, and I just did.

Uhm, team supply throws were a struggle. We had to re-do at least 2 or 3 attempts. Communication was the key.

I don’t know that I’m recalling the order or things correctly, but I do know that we finished with partner carries. I carried Thom 200m and he carried me the same distance.

We finished in 23 minutes and change — or at least we thought we had! Whilst reviewing the whiteboard, I realized that we had only completed 4 of the 5 team supply throws. Gah! Our weakest activity! We did, however, manage to complete last rep without the wall ball touching the floor. Our final time was 26:32, and this includes the rest time.

If there were a zombie apocalypse I’d want Emily and Blythe to be on my team. But not Thom. Ha! Did that make you laugh, Evelyn?

The workout was a tremendous amount of fun!

Monday, April 14

 I worked out with Rob and Brad, and Emily led the session. Yup, just the three of us.

Clean & Jerk
Establish baseline 1RM

I completed reps @ 135, 145, 155, & 165#. That’s 25# heavier than my bodyweight. The cleans were clean, the jerks messy. I even loudly proclaimed, “That’s a shitty split!” ‘Twas, too.

2-min AMRAP
Power jerk @ 50% of C&J 1RM

Rest 1 minute

4-min AMAP
4/leg  jumping lunges (75/53)
8 bent over rows
8 sumo dead-lift high pulls

Rest 1 minute

Run 1 mile

Wow, this was tough! I lifted 85# for power jerks, a little more than 50% of C&J 1RM, and completed 44 reps. I put the bar down at least 3 if not 4 times.

I completed the lunges/rows/SDHPs as prescribed. I began each set of lunges with a power snatch, and completed all reps unbroken. Completing sets of rows and SDHPs unbroken wasn’t challenging, but I nonetheless quickly became winded. I set a goal to complete a round a minute, and did so, completing 4 rounds + 5 jumping lunges.

I didn’t want to run. I hadn’t yet caught my breath. This is also the first year that I can recall having issues with pollen. My eyes itch, and my throat feels like it’s covered in pollen. Ick. It was also 80 degrees. Ick. My eyes itched so much whilst running that I unconsciously found myself closing my eyes.

And then this happened: during the 2nd 800m run I ran past the four dots indicated the 400m turnaround. I didn’t realize that I had done so until I found myself running uphill. Dammit. I estimated that I ran an extra 5 seconds past the mark, so when I finished in 6:36 and I conservatively asked Coach Emily to subtract 6 seconds for an even 6:30.

That’s a slow mile for me.

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