Werkin’ the core

Luke loves May!
Luke loves May!

I’ve been getting my days confused, and all morning I thought it was Wednesday. I considered not evening going to CrossFit Surmount during the noon hour to work out, as I knew I’d be able to do so this evening.

Uhm, Emily didn’t coach the 11;45 am session, you know, because today isn’t Wednesday, it’s Tuesday. Ha! I coach the session on Tuesdays. I’m glad I didn’t stay home and nap.

I worked out with the 4pm athletes, and it was good.

Establish baseline 1RM

I worked up to 355, and then attempted 375#. Twice. Dammit. I decreased the weight a mere 5# and successfully completed the lift. I new PR by, you guessed it, a mere 5#. I’ll take it! My DL and SDL PRs are now 370#. Uhm, that’s about 265% of my bodyweight. Wow.

Cash in 
500m row or 200 double unders
25/leg mountain climbers
5 wall crawls
25 Abmat sit-ups
Cash out
500m row or 200 double unders

I had planned on cashing in with a row to warm up, but at the last minute decided to challenge myself by cashing in with double unders. And it didn’t start well. Gah! I struggled with the first 20 or so reps, but then got into a groove and completed as many as 75 unbroken reps.

Completing mountain climbers after double unders was tough, and I completed unbroken reps of 10 & 15 the first round. Huh? What surprised me most about today, though, was that I did all four rounds of wall crawls one at a time, albeit with a very short rest time to shake out shoulders. I completed all rounds of Abmat sit-ups as well as remaining 3 rounds of mountain climbers unbroken. And I climbed that mountain fast!

I rowed 500m in about 1:52, so I was pleased with the row, yo.

Time = 16:44

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