Pullin’, pushin’, jumpin’, climbin’, and runnin’.

photo-48Friday, May 2

I worked out with the 8:30 am crew, and partnered with Doza for the bench press. Doza has shown tremendous progress in a very short amount of time. And he’s nice. He fits right in at CrossFit Surmount!


Bench press
3 reps @ 80, 85, & 90% of 1RM

As we share the current 1RM of 185, we completed sets @ 150, 160, & 165#. All of the lifts felt great. I’m finally enjoying the bench press.


Run 200m
1 rope climb
10 ring rows
Run 400m
2 rope climbs
20 ring rows
Run 600m
3 rope climbs
30 ring rows
Run 800m
4 rope climbs

I set up the rings 3′ from the floor and placed my feet on a 24″ box. Yup, inverted ring rows. I completed 10 unbroken the first round, but then was only able to begin each round with 5 and then 4 reps. By the end of the 2nd and last rounds I was doing doubles and the occasional single. I missed one rep during the round of 30 in that my shoulders didn’t touch my hands. Dammit.

Running and rope climbing went well.

Time = 18:53

Saturday, May 3

I didn’t have the opportunity to work out with others this morning, as I prepared for Larry’s visit to put up the additional walls and then coached the 9:45 and Community WODs. I returned to the box this afternoon after 4 and completed the Hero WOD “Falkel”.

25-minute AMRAP
8 handstand pushups
8 box jumps, 30″
1 rope climb, 15′

What, more handstand pushups and rope climbs? Didn’t I just do handstand pushups Wednesday and rope climbs yesterday? Why, yes, I did! Life sometimes isn’t that varied.

My goal was to complete all rounds of box jumps unbroken, to not fail any handstand pushups, box jumps, or rope climbs, and to make it through the round of 5 with unbroken handstand pushups.

Dammit. Yay!

I completed all rounds of box jumps unbroken, didn’t miss any box jumps or rope climbs, but missed a handstand pushup. I got greedy.

I completed the first 7 rounds of handstand pushups unbroken. As I was completing the 7th, challenging rep during the 8th round I thought, “It’s 8 reps, so try to make it through 8 rounds unbroken.” Uhm, I just couldn’t lock out the 8th rep. Dammit. That’s what I get for being greedy.

I completed handstand pushups in reps of 4, 2, & 2 for round 9, reps of 3, 2, 2, & 1 for round 10, and then, quite surprisingly, in reps of 5 & 3  for round 11. I thought, “This is the last time you have to do handstand pushups.” It wasn’t.

With about a minute left, I completed 8 handstand pushups; thus, I had time for box jumps and one last rope climb. Uhm, and I still had 20 seconds remaining on the clock. I completed 3 unbroken handstand pushups, shook out my shoulders, and got in one last rep.

I didn’t achieve goal of not missing any reps. Dammit.

I exceeded goal of completing more than 5 rounds of handstands pushups unbroken. Yay!

This workout was very tough, as it should be. I may or may not program at CFS.

Score = 11 rounds + 4 reps
92 HSPUs
88 box jumps
11 rope climbs

I need a beer. Make that beers.

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