Yet another wonderful Saturday at CrossFit Surmount!

Jeff and I were a little late arriving to the box. I was pleased that Coach Deborah had already arrived and let others in to warm up and begin preparing for today’s grueling workout.

I warmed up both sessions, and completed TGU and metcon with 8:30 am athletes. And Thom.

Turkish get-ups
EMOTM for 10 minutes
1 TGU/arm

I used the 15# barbell and completed 3 rounds @ 35#, 3 @ 40#, 2 @ 45#, 1 @ 50#, and 1 @ 55#. During the 6th or 7th round Coach Jeff noted that Melinda talked to her kettle bell, saying, “Come on, you can get this up.” I replied, “That’s what Thom says to his penis.” Haha! Thom then asked if I made the same grunting sounds when I sh!t as I do when I lift. He’s funny. Funny looking.

“Coach Jeff”
 4 RFT
Run 400m
5 overhead squats (95)
5 ring dips
5 wall crawls

47 burpees

Wow, this was tough! I took it easy on the running, as I knew the OHS and wall crawls were going to be exhausting. I was right. I ran the first 400m in a very slow 90 seconds, walked to the barbell, and cleaned and jerked it overhead. I then repositioned my hands and completed 5 unbroken OHS.

I easily completed 5 unbroken ring dips each round, and made it through 5 wall crawls rather easily each round as well, although I did often shake out my shoulder between crawls.

After running 2nd round of 4oom and returning to the box I thought, “Why as I cleaning and jerking the bar? I can easily snatch 95#, having snatched 115# for ‘Amanda’ during the masters open.” I snatched the bar before completing OHS for the 2nd and remaining 2 rounds.

My goal was to complete 47 unbroken burpees, and I knew I’d need to pace myself if I was going to achieve that goal. I positioned myself in front of the BAF, established my pace, and completed the burpees.

I love burpees.

Time = 17:00

Jeff was kind enough to lead cool down, and as he did so I set up the barbell to attempt TGU 1RM. I last attempted a 1RM on 12/16/13, successfully completing a rep/arm @ 58#. I completed TGUs @ 55, 60, and 65#! I attempted a 70# rep. Nope. Hard to to so when arms are shaking.

I led the Community WOD as Coach Liz led the first-ever CFK workout. CFK was a tremendous success!


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