photo-82What a great morning! I coached at 6, took Luke for a long walk around Lake Pine at 7, worked out at 8:30 with an awesome group of athletes, and coached at 9:30.

And then I napped. I didn’t sleep well last night, and I had very vivid dreams. For whatever reason, most of my dreams have involved me running. Running very, very fast. Not toward something, not away from anything, just running very, very fast.

Overhead squat
EMOTM for 10 minutes
Complete 3 OHS 

We haven’t focused specifically on OHS in quite some time. Yup, the lift is going to be included in the next strength cycle. I’ve studied the OHS extensively, and I looked forward to trying new verbal and mental cues. Butt to heels. Yup, butt to heels.

I completed 2 reps @ 75, 2 @ 85, 2 @ 95, 2 @ 100, 1 @ 105, & 1 @ 110. All lifts felt solid, and it was a confidence booster. Yay!

20-min AMRAP
Run 200m
Then complete the following 3 times per round:
15 air squats 
10 Abmat sit-ups 
5 Abmat back extensions

Bodyweight. My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken, to not rest between rounds, i.e., work continuously, and to have an even split.

Goals achieved.

I ran the first 200m with Luke. He’s a funny dog! He made sure to “stay” during remaining runs.

I completed 3 rounds in 9:38. Okay, then, 6 rounds and a run it is! I completed 6 rounds with a mere 38 seconds remaining, so I knew I’d have to haul ass to finish the 400m run, and haul ass I did! Yup, I ran 400m in 38 seconds, and didn’t have a second to spare.

I completed OHS to the right of Julie and the metcon with Julie to my right. She got to hear a lot of heavy breathing. You’re welcome, Julie. You’re welcome.

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