Been runnin’ a lot, yo.

Monday, June 16

I worked out with the 6am crew, an always enjoyable experience!

EMOTM for 10 minutes
3, 4, or 5 strict ring dips

Rest 3 minutes

Maximum time headstand or handstand hold, up to 5 minutes

I completed 5 strict ring dips at the top of each minute, and all reps felt great. I did, however, have to frequently chalk my arms. That’s 50 ring dips. I held the handstand for 57 seconds. Uhm, I had just completed 50 strict ring dips. See what happened there?

Partner WOD
15-minute AMRAP
Row 15 calories
10 burpees
Partners alternate activities

As there were an odd number of athletes at the session, I completed the workout solo. When I was a young boy, I was often the last one picked for a team. As an adult, I’m often the last person anyone wants to pick as a partner, but for entirely different reasons. “I can’t keep up with you.” “I’ll disappoint you.”

Well, okay then.

Rowing started of just okay, and progressively got better. By the end of the workout I was consistently rowing a calorie per stroke. Just the way I like it. Coach Liz informed us that seven and a half minutes had passed, i.e., we were halfway through the workout, when I was on the 5th burpee of the 4th round. I set my goal to have an even split.

I did better than that. I completed 8 rounds and rowed 8 calories; 128 calorie row and 80 burpees. That was fun!

photo-96Tuesday, June 17

I had hoped to work out in the morning, but Coach Deborah was feeling under the weather so I covered for her classes. That meant that I coached seven sessions today. That also meant that the only time that I could work out with a group was at 4 pm. I’d much rather do that than work out alone. There, I said it.

And I got to work out beside Jennifer! Yay! You’re welcome, Jennifer.

Establish 3RM back squat

I set a goal to back squat 225#, a little under 95% of current 1RM of 240#. I lifted sets at 188, 215, and 225#. Yay!

And then I went for it. I back equated 235# three times. That’s 98% of current 1RM. Uhm, something tells me that my 1RM is going to go up!

That’s a PR, yo. That’s 165% of my body weight.

EMOTM for 10 minutes

  • 3 strict knees to elbows
  • 5 box jumps (30)
  • 8 weighted Abmat sit-ups (20 30)

Strict, i.e., non-kipping knees to elbows, are tough, and one can only complete the reps so quickly. Thirty inch box jumps are high. Thirty pound wall ball Abmat sit-ups are heavy.

And this workout was tremendously fun! I set up box in front of pull-up rig and Abmat directly to the right of box. I knew that transitions would have to be fast.


See what I did there? I got faster! I figured out how to do so by round six. As I mentioned, one can only complete strict knees to elbows so fast. I found the same to be true with Abmat sit-ups. That could only mean one thing: I had to complete box jumps faster, and that’s what I did. I often grunted as I did so (and I think Jennifer liked it).

I completed all 10 rounds and accumulated time was 5:49. That’s 30 strict knees to elbows, 50 box jumps, and 80 weighted Abmat sit-ups in less than six minutes.

Go ahead. Try it at home.

By the way, I ran with Monday and Wednesday endurance athletes. The workout was 10x100m sprints, a tremendously fun workout. Thus, I been running’ a lot, yo.

And enjoying every stride.

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