Running. That is not all.

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I worked out with the 8:30 am group — including Jeff! Coach Deborah led the session, and it was a full house.

Overhead squat
Complete 3 OHS EMOTM 10 minutes

My first set was @ 65# and I increased weight by 5 pounds most sets. Last set was at 110#, 80% of 1RM and 77% of bodyweight.

Lifts. Felt. Great! I’ve really begun to enjoy the OHS.

Three, 4-minute intervals

Run 400m and in remaining time complete maximum reps of the following:
Air squats
Three, 2-minute intervals
Run 200m and in remaining time complete maximum reps of the following:
Air squats 

Score = total number of reps for individual and sum total for all activities

Wow, that was tough. I completed chest to bar pull-ups, tricep pushups with hands on medicine ball (for added instability), and jumping air squats.

My goal was to complete at least half of the number of reps for the 2-minute intervals as I had completed for 4-minute intervals.

For the 4-minute intervals, I completed 400m runs in even times of :80.

I completed 35 chest to bar pull-ups (with 1 failed attempt, i.e. chest didn’t touch bar), 52 tricep pushups, and 65 jumping air squats.

The first 200m run went well, and I finished in :39. The second 200m run didn’t go quite so well, and I was gasping for air. It took my :43 to run a mere 200m. Since I haven’t said it yet, I’ll say it now: dammit. I finished strong, running the last 200m in :37. Yay!

I completed 17 chest to bar pull-ups (a “half” of a pull-up shy of goal), 30 tricep pushups (4 more than gaol), and 40 jumping air squats (7.5 more than goal).

52 chest to bar pull-ups
82 tricep pushups
105 jumping air squats
Grand total = 239

I was talking after the workout about how much the running of the second 200m interval hurt, and Laurie said, “I was wondering about that. Your last 200 meters was fast! I thought maybe you were sandbagging.” Ha!

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