Luke looking regal.
Luke looking regal.
Meg rests as I blog.
Meg rests as I blog.

Jeff is out of town, and I’ve been binging on OITNB and Rectify.

I coached the 8:30 and 11 am WODs and worked out with the 9:45 am athletes, led by Coach Liz. ‘Twas a tough workout.

Folks were presented with many options. I chose the following:

20 6-count burpees
20 burpee pull-ups 
20 burpee handstand pushups
20 burpee toes to bar
20 burpee box jumps (30)
20 burpee ring dips
20 burpee plate presses (45)

My goal was to complete within 50 minutes. In order to do so, I knew I’d have to work at a, in the words of Jennifer, “slow burn.”

I didn’t take the time to write down times I completed activities, number of unbroken reps, etc.

In order from least to most difficult:

  1. 6-count burpees
  2. burpee toes to bar
  3. burpee pull-ups
  4. burpee plate presses
  5. burpee box jumps
  6. burpee ring dips
  7. burpee handstand pushups

At three different times I lost count by one rep, i.e., I couldn’t recall if I was on the 4th or 5th rep, for example. So you know what I did… Thus, I may have completed 2 extra burpee handstands pushups and 1 extra burpee ring dip.

I completed the first round in 23 minutes and change. I knew that if I continued to work at a steady pace, I could complete the workout in my time goal. I also knew that I had another 20 handstand pushups to complete! Gah!

I was sweating profusely, grunting loudly, and occasionally swearing as loudly as I was grunting.

No missed reps. That’s always a relief.

I finished strong, picking up the pace for the last 10 burpee plate presses.

Time = 47:21

That’s 280 burpees, folks.


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