IMG_0077And it feels so good. Get it? Reignited, and it feels so good? You’re welcome for the ear worm.

I’ll begin by saying that this was, from start to finish, an awesome experience. If you’re visiting the Wilmington area I highly recommend that you visit this box.

Jeff corresponded with the owner, Nick, who informed us that we could visit with the purchase of a tee shirt. We had planned on visiting earlier in the week, but I’m glad we visited today. We may very well visit again tomorrow.

The box, while not large, is set up well, with a smaller room for rowers and airdynes, another room of a similar size set up with pull-up rig, and a large workout area (the length of both of the smaller rooms combined) for lifting.

Nick greeted us warmly, walked us through signing in, and showed us where all of the equipment was.

There was a large crowd at the session today, probably 20 or more. Nick had all of us introduce ourselves by name and to state our favorite food. Fried okra!

The warm up was extensive and meaningful, i.e., it suited what we would be doing for the workout. I so enjoy when a coach reviews the snatch positions.

Nick wisely had us pair up, and I did so with Jeff.

10 RFT
30 double unders
15 power snatches, 75#

This was similar to the open workout, although this wasn’t an AMRAP. Given that we were paired, we were instructed to take turns, i.e., I rested while Jeff worked. We were to keep track of time it took us to complete rounds. Uhm, yeah, so I didn’t do such a great job of that.

Jeff went first. I completed most rounds of double unders unbroken, and completed all rounds of PS in reps of either 8, 4, & 3 or 9, 4, & 2. Nick reminded me to extend my wrists as I received the bar — and I needed the reminder. Uhm, 150 power snatches at a little more than half of my bodyweight is a challenge on any given day.

I accurately recorded the following rounds:
1 | 1:15
2 | 1:23
6 | 1:40
7: 1:43
8 | 2:04 (messed up double unders)
9 | 1:50
10 | 1:30

Well, at least I finished strong. Ha!

Most everyone at the box was very friendly. There were two additional coaches who walked around and provided direction and support.

Great box, great coach, awesome visit!


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