It feels great to be back!

IMG_0079Saturday, July 5

Jeff and I once again visited Port City  CrossFit, and the session was led by Patrick. There was also a continent from CrossFit Invoke at the workout, including my friend Josh L.

w/ a Buddy
80 V-ups
60 KB swings (52)
40 box jumps (30)
20 power cleans (135)

Partner jumps rope — no rest!

Jeff was, of course, my “buddy.” Patrick led us through a simple warm up consisting mostly of stretching. Yes, I also wanted a dynamic warmup. I’m like that, yo.

I asked Patrick if partners were to truly only work when the other partner was working. For example, if a partner resting while doing double unders was his partner also to rest while doing the activities? He confirmed that this was the way it was supposed to play out, but that it was unlikely that it would. He did confirm, however, that the work would have to be evenly divided. I would’ve gladly completed 40 box jumps and zero power cleans. Or maybe one or two power cleans. But no more.

I didn’t want to end with heavy power cleans, but Jeff really didn’t want to start with double unders, thus, he began with V-ups and I ended with power cleans. I’m just that nice.

We determined our strategy prior to the start of the workout: we would each complete 2 sets of 20 V-ups, 15 KB swings, 1o box jumps, and 5 power cleans. For the most part, we only worked when the other was completing double unders.

I counted double unders. I completed over 300. Uhm, add that to the 300 double unders I completed Friday and… (Those ellipses are for you, Thom.)

I completed all rounds of reps unbroken except for power cleans in that I reset before each rep.

Uhm, I can’t recall if I’ve every completed 135# power cleans during a workout. Wow. And yet it was much easier than I thought it would be. Wow! (That last “wow” needed the exclamation point.)

Time 9:31

We went shopping at lululemon and then went for a 5-mile walk around Lake Greenfield in downtown Wilmington. What a gorgeous day it was!

IMG_0078Sunday, July 6

Jeff and I are both early risers, and we left Wilmington at around 7:30. That meant we had plenty of time to take Luke for a walk and attend the 11 am workout at CrossFit Surmount!


20 overhead squats
20 presses
30 push presses
40 front squats
50 power jerks
60 back squats
60 dead-lifts

Choose a weight and complete all reps with this weight. In other words, you won’t be adding and/or removing weight from the bar. You should not be able to do any sets, with the possible exception of OHS, unbroken; thus, the weight should be challenging. No racks may be used.

Notice that this is neither an AMRAP nor an AFAP. The focus is on executing each and every rep with proper form. Don’t pay attention to what anyone else is doing.

Nonetheless, a 25-minute time cap will be called. Choose a manageable weight, i.e., you should be able to complete all 280 reps within 25 minutes.

I last completed a similar workout April 28 of last year, and what a difference a year makes! We completed 10 less OHS and no dead-lifts last year.

  • 10 overhead squats
  • 20 shoulder presses
  • 30 push presses
  • 40 front squats
  • 50 push jerks
  • 60 back squats

The time cap last year was 20 minutes, so I added 5 minutes for the additional 70 reps. That seemed only fair, right?

Uhm, I lifted a mere 75# last year. Today I lifted 95#. Yup, 20 pounds more than last year. Yup, I’m getting stronger and stronger.

I set up my barbell near the garage door, as Kevin had taken my favorite space in front of the fan. Oh, the things we do for our members.

I also placed a notepad, pen, and Stronger Faster Healthier recovery drink on 24″ box, as I knew I’d need a cheat sheet — and I wanted to record completed reps, you know, so I could blog about this shit.

OHS — 12, 2 (failed 15th in that I lost balance coming out of the bottom), and 6.
Presses — 5, 4, 3, 3, 3, & 2. Ninety-five pound felt heavy, you now, because it’s 70% of 1RM.
Push presses — 1 (because I immediately completed a rep after last press and then failed at 2nd rep attempt), 5, 5, 5, 5, 4, and 5.
Front squats — 4 sets of 10 reps.
Power jerks — 10 sets of 5 reps.
Back squats — 5, 20, 15, 10, & 10.
Dead-lifts — 12 sets of 5 reps.

Uhm, yeah, so by the time I got to dead-lifts I was feeling rather exhausted. Ninety-five pounds felt like at least 275#. I may be exaggerating.

I was very pleased with my performance, and I completed in 24:42. I had 18 seconds to spare!


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