I coached at 6, 8:30, and 9:30, and attended the 11:45 session led by James. I’m very pleased with James’ coaching style. His focus is on proper form and execution. Yay! I had coached James earlier in the day. He’s a gifted athlete, he listens to feedback, and he’s friendly and approachable. You can’t ask for much more in an athlete and a coach.

EMOTM for 10 minutes
3 snatch-grip dead-lifts @ 50 to 60% of dead-lift 1RM

James did a great job of explaining the snatch-grip dead-lift, including emphasizing the importance of the hook grip.

I dead-lifted 225#, just a little more than 60% of 1RM. All lifts felt good, and I was pleased with technique. I asked James to critique as well. Yup, I want coaching. Sometimes.

“Hope” was programmed today, but given how many power snatches and pull-ups I’ve done in the past week I had no intention of completing. As I was at the box at 4 I completed the benchmark “Marguerita” that I completed this past January in a time of 16:09.

In one regard I’ve progressed in that I am certain that handstands are much better than they were seven months ago. In another regard it was a total disaster, particularly in regard to counting reps.

I recorded the workout; thus, I know how many reps I ended up completing.

Benchmark “Marguerita
50 reps for time 
Burpee/Pushup/Jumping Jack/Sit-up/Handstand

I decided to keep track of total rounds by moving a poker chip after completing 5 rounds. Uhm, and on four occasions I completed an additional round, i.e., I moved a poker chip after completing six instead of five rounds. I would often think, “Was that round three or four? I guess it was three.” In addition I failed at at least a dozen handstand holds and therefore re-did. I made sure that handstands were freestanding, i.e., no foot touching wall, and that I held handstand for a count.

I had completed 18 rounds when I heard Chris call my name. He couldn’t figure out how to set the timer for “Hope.” I got impatient, but in my defense I had shown him how to set up the timer at the start of the class. I was distracted, and yelled, “Choose ‘Hope.’ That’s all that you need to do.” I completed 2 reps as he attempted to set the clock. I got exasperated and went to the other end of the box to set up the timer for him. I even said, “I’m doing a benchmark WOD.”

I took 25 seconds to complete this task. I was discombobulated and had lost a good rhythm that I had established.


I thought I had completed 50 reps in a time of 18:28. I had actually completed 50 reps in a time of 17:46, and that includes the 25 seconds it took to set up timer.

I had completed 54 reps in a time of 18:28. Yup, and additional four. Nonetheless my immediate thought was, “What if I haven’t completed 50 reps? Do another five just in case.” And that’s what I did. I completed 59 reps in a time of 20:03.

Gah! It looks like I’ll be doing this WOD again very soon.

On a positive note, it rained at the onset of endurance, and it felt wonderful!


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