Thirty reps

IMG_1381 IMG_1383

I coached the 6 and 7 am sessions and then worked out with the 8:30 group, led by the lovely Deborah. (Corn in your poop.)

Overhead squat
3 reps @ 80, 85, & 90% of 1RM

Oh, how I’ve grown to truly enjoy thee, overhead squat. I completed sets at 100, 115, and 125#. I was a wee bit wobbly on the ascent of the very last lift, but I managed to save it. I was happy that I was able to all 3 sets unbroken.

200 m run 
30 medicine ball cleans (20)

200 m run
30 V-ups
200 m run
30 floor presses (95)
200 m run
30 knees to elbows

I had originally programmed as 400m run, and I would’ve enjoyed the workout even more if there had been more running, you know, because I love running.

My goal was to completed rounds of medicine ball cleans, V-ups, and floor presses unbroken. Uhm, I don’t recall that I’ve ever completed 30 toes to bar unbroken, particularly not at the end of a workout.

Luke run with me for all runs. He’s such a good boy! He didn’t wipe his feet, though. Bad kitties!

Medicine ball cleans went smoothly, V-ups went quickly, and floor presses were a challenge. I had to fight for the last 5 reps, but fight I did.

I completed toes to bar in unbroken and kipping sets of 10, 5, 5, & 4 reps, and completed the last 11 as singles.

Time = 7:58

I enjoyed this workout. Nothing too grueling, nothing too exhausting, nothing too challenging. It almost felt like a recovery workout.

Tomorrow’s workout is going to be tough. Yup, tough.

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