As I'm the only male in the picture, I should be easy to spot.
As I’m the only male in the picture, I should be easy to spot.

Yeah, so I can’t find any record in this blog of my having completed the hero workout “Griff,” but I know that I have done so. As I recall doing so at CFD, it’s likely been years. Okay, then, I don’t know if I achieved a PR today or not, but based upon effort it certainly felt like a PR. 

This was the last outing of both the M/W and T/Th endurance athletes, and most attended this evening session. (Where were you Steve, Sarah, and Felicia?)

Run 800m
Run 400m backwards
Run 800m
Run 400m backwards

We all had our own timekeeping devices; I used a stopwatch. Bonnie set off first, and I began shortly after her with Laurie hot on my heels. I got off to what felt like a fast start. I glanced at my watch at the 400m mark–1:45. That’s anything but fast. I had been breathing every fourth step, so I immediately began breathing every third step. That’s exactly what I needed to do, and I made up for some of my lost time, finishing 800m in about 3:05. That’s a 6:10 mpm pace, so I was pleased. I knew what was coming up next. 

I turned around and starting running backwards. I quickly passed a runner, and he avoided looking my way. Ha! I guess it would seem a little odd that someone would be running backwards and facing you. Oh, well, pick up the pace. 

Running backwards after running forwards is easy, and the first 400m run backwards was just that. Running forwards after running backwards is painful. A man running with his dog was just ahead of me. I would pick up the pace, and he would did the same thing. I suppose he really didn’t want me to pass him. His dog would occasionally look back, but he was well heeled and well behaved; thus, I didn’t think/feel that I was being bothersome. 

I do think, though, that the pace was too fast for him, as he stopped and moved to the side. I offered a humble apology and went on my merry way. 

I kept looking for the cone that marked 400m. I couldn’t see it. I then began thinking that I may have missed it. I thought, “Just turn around and run backwards now.” I’m glad that I did not, because I did eventually make it to the cone and began running backwards for the last time.

Wow, that last 400m was grueling. I was breathing very heavily, and would occasionally gasp “Uh!” very loudly. I finally finished in a time of 11:15. I moved to the side, bent over and placed my hands on my thighs, and attempted to catch my breath. Two women asked, “Are you okay?” I replied, “Yup, it’s just CrossFit.” 

I then ran another 120om as I had to collect the cones. Dammit.

I ran at exactly a 7:30 mpm pace. That’s gotta be a PR, right? 

We all met at Tribeca for drinks (beer) and dinner (bison). What a wonderful evening!

A special shout out to Laurie who completed “Griff” in 11:59!

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