A buck fifty

Luke and Zac demonstrate proper form whilst resting.
Luke and Zac demonstrate proper form whilst resting.

Know what I did yesterday? I rested. It was wonderful!

Know what else I did yesterday? I spent hour upon hour getting WODify up and running. I’m delighted with the software as well as the support I’ve received. For example, I asked Brianna a question today (via email) and received a response within minutes. That’s customer service, folks.

My left shoulder feels much, much better, but I’m still experiencing some pain when I press directly overhead. Thus, overhead squats would’ve been out of the question yesterday and handstand pushups would’ve been out of the question today.

But I did question if I should attempt “Diane.” I thought, “What would I say to an athlete if she or he asked me that very same question?” I had my answer.

I instead substituted 30″ box jump overs for handstand pushups. Talk about your posterior chain, Batman.

“Not Diane”
Deadlifts (225#)
Box jump overs (30″)

Jeff was able to workout at 11:45, and he was stationed to my left. Coach Emily led the session, and I always enjoy attending a session when she does so!

I dropped every deadlift but did complete all sets unbroken, i.e., I never paused a single moment to rest. I also completed all box jump overs unbroken — and didn’t, fortunately, miss a single rep. Thirty inches felt high today.

Time = 6:44

Fast and furious. Taco Bell.

“Annie” Rx+
Double unders
GHD sit-ups

Wow. If I weren’t so abulous this may have killed me. Double unders were a welcome break from GHD sit-ups. I broke once during round of 50 and 40, but didn’t use that as an opportunity to rest.

I strung together as many as 20 unbroken GHD sit-ups (during the round of 50) but was doing reps one at a time by the end of the workout.

Time = 12:31

That’s 150 GHD sit-ups, folks. A buck fifty.

A rep doesn’t count unless an athlete demonstrates proper form and execution, including full range of motion. I get angered, yes angered, when an athlete ignores my requests to scale and instead continues to complete a workout with shitty form — meanwhile counting every last shitty rep.

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