I need more bacon


I worked at with the 8:30 athletes. We revisited a workout we had completed last year, although I modified it slightly today. ‘Twas more difficult today. Much more difficult.

My abs are still sore, but actually felt better after completing the workout.

— Power clean & jerks
— Box jumps (24/20)
— Forward rolls
— Toes to bar
/knees to elbows
— Pushups/HSPUs
12-min AMRAP
Complete 9 reps of each activity (45 reps/rnd)
Rest 3 min
8-min AMRAP
Complete 6 reps of each activity (30 reps/rnd)
Rest 3 min
6-min AMRAP
Complete 3 reps of each activity (15 reps/rnd)

When last we completed this workout I began with 65# C&Js, then increased to 75# and finished with 85#. Today I began with 115#, decreased to 105# for 8-min AMRAP, and did 95# C&Js the last round.

This was tough, and the C&Js were particularly challenging, you know, because of the 115# thrusters I did yesterday.

I did HSPUs without experiencing the slightest pain. Yay! I’m nonetheless going to have Vincent work on my mobility this Wednesday. Can you say “high tolerance for pain?”

I missed 3 box jumps. I missed the very first box jump. Yup, I did that. I missed another box jump the very first round and then another in the 8-min AMRAP. I also didn’t count 2 knees to elbows in that only 1 knee touched. Dammit. Forward rolling was fun, yet I often felt quite discombobulated after doing so.

AMRAP 12 = 3 rounds + 1 rep | 136 reps
AMRAP 8 = 3 rounds + 2 reps | 92
AMRAP 6 = 4 rounds + 3 reps | 63
Total = 291 Rx+


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