I rounded up, sets of 5, “I hate ring dips,” and 101.

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I worked out at 11:45, so that I could experience the awesomeness that is Coach Emily. 

I will admit to being quite sore, you know, from all of the squatting I’ve done since Saturday. I almost rested today. I’m very glad that I decided not to. 

Emily led us through an excellent, meaningful warmup, we went through the movement standards, and we began.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
For max reps; rest 1 minute between rounds

A – 5 minutes

Run 200m
 & then complete max reps dead-lifts @ 1.5  bw
B – 5 minutes

Run 200m
 & then complete max rep bent over rows @ 75 of bw

C – 5 minutes

Run 200m
 & then complete max rep SDHPs @ 75 of bw

D – 5 minutes

Run 200m
 & then complete max rep ring dips

E – 10 minutes

Run 400m
 & then complete max rep 3-count burpees
I dead-lifted 220 and completed bent over row and sumo dead-lift highs pulls at 110#. I rounded up. Nope, I’m not saying it was Rx+. I set no goals for number of reps for any of the activities. My strategy was to run at a relatively easy pace so as to not be winded prior to starting any activity. Luke insisted that he run with me, and this slowed me down a bit. That’s probably a good thing. I began dead-lifts, bent over rows, sumo dead-lift high pulls, and ring dips a minute into the round and burpees 2 minutes into the round, taking my time taking off Luke’s leash, putting on my weightlifting belt for dead-lifts, chalking my hands, positioning the fan, etc. 
My other strategy was to complete all sets in reps of 5. I did, however, attempt to get in as many reps as possible in the closing seconds of each round. Earlier in the day I witnessed quite a few athletes take a different approach, i.e., stop working prior to the end of the 5 minutes so as to allow for more rest. I knew that a minute of rest was more than enough, and as reps were the score, well, I wanted to get in as many reps as possible. 
While 220# didn’t feel heavy, I nonetheless completed only 5 reps at a time. I completed 9 complete sets and an additional 4 single reps for a total of 49 dead-lifts.
I knew that bent over rows would be easier, and they were. I completed 15 sets of 5 unbroken reps and an additional 2 reps for a total of 77 bent over rows. 
While running the 200m after the round of bent over rows I kept thinking, “This is going to be the most difficult round. Just get in 25 sumo dead-lift high pulls. You can make up for it with other activities.”
I completed 7 sets of 5 unbroken reps and then, as time was running out, completed 5 singles for a total of 40 sumo dead-lift high pulls. I was happy that I did indeed complete unbroken, i.e., bar to clavicle, mid-thigh, and then floor. 
Ring dips were stationed the farthest away from the garage door, as I like to use the rings that hang from the trawler. Ms. Kelli was positioned beside me. Whilst we were doing ring dips she looked at me and said, “I hate ring dips.” My immediate thought was, “I must program more ring dips.” (Surmounties, you have Kelli to thank!) I completed 10 sets of 5 unbroken reps and then finished with 5 fast singles for a total of 55 ring dips.
Luke was getting quite tired, and he slowed me down for the last 400m run. He’s a good dog, so I didn’t mind. I positioned myself in front of a fan. I then began to set goals.
Goal 1: Complete 50 unbroken burpees. I achieved this by completing reps at a steady pace. 
Goal 2: Complete more reps of burpees than other other activity. I completed 78 burpees with with about 90 seconds remaining.
Goal 3: Complete 100 burpees. I had completed 90 burpee when Coach Emily stated, “You have 30 seconds remaining.” I knew I had to pick up the pace, and pick up the pace I most certainly did. I stopped after the 100th rep, glanced at the clock, saw that 5 seconds remained, and completed one last burpee for a total of 101. 
Score: 49 dead-lifts + 77 bent over rows + 40 sumo dead-lift high pulls + 55 ring dips + 101 burpees = 322 reps

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