Go, PAK!

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Coach Deborah graciously accepted my request to lead the 9:45 session so that I could work out. Thanks, CD! I think I’ll start calling her CD, that was I can exclaim “Oh, CD!” 

In TEAMS of 3 or 4
– 1600m row; one team member must be in the plank the entire row

– 20 wall ball shots each; relay (20# & 10′)

– 40 unison sit-ups; arms interlaced

– 20 shoulder to overhead each; relay (115)

– 40 unison American KB swings (53)

– 1600m run; one team member must hold barbell at full extension, e.g., like at top of dead-lift (115)

– 20 box jumps each; one rep/team member at a time (24)

– 20 unison burpees with forward facing jump over parallette

I asked Kevin and Anthony if they’d like to be on my team. At first Kevin thought I was merely suggesting that he and Anthony be on a team, as he assumed I was coaching and not working out. Ha! I tried not to be a d!ck, and I think that I was moderately successful in achieving this goal. 

Kevin began with the row as I held a plank. I rested, rowed, and held plank some more. This was an easy way to start.

I was the first to complete wall balls, and I did so in unbroken reps. Wall ball shots felt easy today. 

I was the “anchor” for the sit-ups in that I was in the center, with Kevin to my left and Anthony to my right. We completed reps in sets of 10 or less. Could I have completed 40 unbroken reps? Yes, but I made sure to not insist that we do so. I’m just that nice. Really.

Anthony completed 20 shoulder to overhead and it was then my turn. Uhm, I thought is was going to be lot more difficult than it turned out to me, and I completed in sets of 10, 5, & 5. I also completed reps rather quickly. 

KB swings in unison were a communication challenge, as I usually begin with a swing, i.e., the first rep is overhead. We had discussed completing in sets of 10 reps, but during the first set I said, “Let’s keep going.” We didn’t. The last 10 reps were done in sets of 5. 

I wasn’t being a d!ck, though, so I was on my way to achieving a PR.

I grabbed the leash so that Luke could join me for the 800m run. When I returned, Kevin was holding the dead-lift. He looked pale and out of sorts. I suggested that I run another 400m, and he agreed. I also suggested that he sit out box jumps and burpees if needed.

I returned from run and Anthony and I began box jumps. I said, “We’ll need to do a total of 60 reps.” I kept count. Somewhere in the mid-30s Kevin joined and Anthony rested; thus I completed 30 box jumps. 

Anthony and I began burpees. I made sure to go at a slower pace than i normally would, and Anthony did a good job of keeping up with me. He requested a rest after 15 reps. Kevin joined us for a few of the reps as well.

Time = 33:46

That was fun! 

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