Dodge (A Bullet).

I worked out with the 8:30 athletes. In an obvious attempt to win my favor, Steve Dodge wore an orange shirt. I kinda sorta felt sorry for him because neither his wife, Sarah, nor his mistress, Thomasina, were present. I asked him to be my partner, and he acquiesced. 

But first, strength.

CFS – CrossFit

“You Pick Two” for squats, i.e., complete 2 of the 3 squats (BS, FS, OHS).

A: Back Squat (Complete up to 35 unbroken reps at 50%)

B: Front Squat (Complete up to 35 unbroken reps at 50%)

C: Overhead Squat (Complete up to 35 unbroken reps at 50%)

As I repeatedly told people, one could complete up to 35 reps. I knew, however, that I’d completed 35 reps, being awesome and all. Thirty-five truly unbroken, i.e., no resting bar on back and/or shaking out legs, back squats at 120#. Thirty-five OHS at 72# in sets of 15, 5, 10, & 5. I rested bar on shoulders between sets. Oh, how I used to hate OHS. 

D: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

“4 x 4”

Complete four (4) 4-min AMRAPs solo or with partner

Rotate through the 4 activities, resting 90 seconds between each

- 50m sled pulls (75/65% of bodyweight | 10m = 1 rep)
– Toes through rings
– Lateral parallette hops

– Seated box jumps (30/24)
If completing with partner, only 1 person may work at a time, but work need not be divided evenly between the partners.

Steve and I worked well together. I think he was surprised that I wasn’t a dick. I honestly enjoy partner WODs, and I’m not, you know, as big of a dick as many people think I would (or certainly could) be. I began with 50m sled pull at 110#, and then Steve did the same (although not at 110#). We continued through the 4 minutes and completed 7 rounds + 30m for a total of 38. (I’m going on memory here.)

We completed toes through rings in reps of 10 at the start, and then as many as we could, and then singles. Yup, I completed a few more reps than did Steve, but that’s okay.

We usually completed lateral parallette hop overs in reps of 10 and completed well over 200. (Again, I’m going on memory here). 

I do recall that we completed 54 seated box jumps, usually taking turns. I could tell that Steve was getting winded, so I occasionally completed 2 or more at a time. I’m just that nice. 

Our total score was 437 reps. Four hundred thirty-seven wonderful reps. 

I’d partner with “A Bullet” weekends and holidays years ending in 00 never again almost any day of the year!

I coached the 9:45 and Community WODs, and then held a 4-hour Running Clinic. I incorporated some new learnings, and was pleased with the results. 

Have I mentioned that I love running? Truly a functional activity. 


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