I was in a funk earlier in the day, probably because of the continuous rain. Jeff laughed when I said I suffered from seasonal affective disorder. I guess I was indeed SAD.

Today was the start of the Endurance and Barbell Club 8-week cycles. As everyone know, I truly enjoy running — and coaching running. 

As only Jennifer G. and Karina attended the 11:45 session, I joined them for strength. I was feeling weak and lethargic, and it showed. I completed sets of 5 thrusters @ 105, 115, & 135. I did, however, complete a rep @ 157#, and that’s a PR. As much as I wanted to do the metcon of sprinting single unders and ring rows, I did not, as I knew the BBC metcon was going to be challenging. 

CFS – Barbell Club

A: Front Squat (Work up to 1RM in 10 minutes)

I front squatted 225#, a 5# PR. I’ll take it. I attempted 235#, but probably should’ve only attempted 230#. Yup, I failed. 

B1: Bench Press (Close grip; rest 60 to 90 sec)
B2: Strict Pull-up (Complete 5 to 7 reps)

Jeff and I shared a bench and bar and I did BP first; thus, I didn’t immediately do pull-ups. And that’s okay.

I completed 5 @ 135, 6 @ 140, 5@ 145 & 150, and 3 @ 155#, 80% of 1RM. Coach James told us that if we could easily complete 7 strict pull-ups that we should complete strict chest to bar pul-ups instead. and that’s what I did. I completed all 5 rounds in unbroken reps of 7.

C: Metcon 

Min 0, 4, 8
12 Deadlift (225)
12 Burpees
300m Row
Rest remainder of each round

This was challenging. I’ll admit that I was anxious prior to the start, but I quickly settled into a good pace. 

I mistakenly used the competitor plates. They bounce too much. I completed the 1st set of dead-lifts in as many as 4 unbroken and in as few as single reps. Burpees were completed without a jump and clap, and I quickly completed unbroken. I rowed hard, as instructed to do so by James, and strokes/minute were in the upper 20s. My time for the first round was 2:12. I knew I could do better.

I completed the 2nd set of dead-lifts in unbroken reps of 6, 4, and then 2 singles, 12 unbroken burpees, and another fast row. My time was 2:09, a mere 3 seconds faster than 1st round.

Coach James instructed us to make our last round the best, so that’s what I did. Twelve unbroken dead-lifts, 12 unbroken burpees, and a fast row. I truly sprinted the last 100m and finished in 2:04.

I did have to chuckle as I glimpsed Luke asleep on the couch as I worked out.

photo 1-39 photo 2-36

Total time = 6:25

That was fun! I’m looking very forward to the next 8 weeks of BBC. 

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