Picture courtesy of the lovely Rona.
Picture courtesy of the lovely Rona.

The 4th Annual Xander Tribute WOD was held at CrossFit Surmount yesterday, and this is the first time that I’ve not completed the workout. I needed a day of rest (both physical and psychological). Today is the anniversary of Xander’s death; thus, I’m very emotional and short-tempered.

Today’s Barbell Club Club session was a welcome relief.

A: Back Squat (2 sec pause Back Squat)
James instructed us to BS 75% of 1RM, but as that is 180 I rounded up to 185#. Rising out of the squat was a challenge each and every rep, but particularly the 3rd rep of each set. I nonetheless enjoyed this, as I love back squatting.
B: Snatch (In 25 mins, warm up SN,  3 sets 3 pos. snatch work)
I don’t think I’ll ever like the snatch. That’s what he said. I worked up to 85#, which for me is a good, challenging weight. High hang and hang are better than below the knee. Full squat snatches, yo.
C1: Single leg squat (With KBs)
C2: Pendlay row
I used 35# KBs for single let squats and 125# for rows. This certainly felt like a metcon. Again, it’s obvious that my left leg is stronger than my right.
Metcon (For Time)
DL 21@135, 18@185, 15@225 12@275
Box Jump 21@20″, 18@24″, 15@30″ 12@36″
This was, dare I say, fun! I weighed myself (fully clothed and after having been up for hours and having eaten a full breakfast) and I weigh a whopping 142#. Thus, the first set of deadlifts was almost at bodyweight. I easily completed 21 unbroken reps. I practiced faster box jumps and failed 2 consecutive reps in that I didn’t open my  hips. Those were the last reps that I failed. I was the first to begin round of 18. I completed deadlifts in sets of 11, 4, & 3 reps and unbroken box jumps. For the set of 15 deadlifts @ 225 I began to drop the bar at the top of each rep. I completed in sets of 5, with a brief pause to shake out my legs between sets. Whilst completing 15 unbroken box jumps @ 30″ I began to be plagued by self doubt, as it was challenging to jump that high. I thought, “If I’m struggling now, what’s the likelihood that I’ll be able to jump half my height?”
I completed 12 deadlifts @ 275#, i.e, almost twice my bodyweight, 2 at a time. Yup, I grunted loudly. James positioned himself near me as I completed 1st box jump. I think he may have been as surprised as I was when I easily jumped that height, jumped off of the box, and began to complete 1 rep after the other. He said, “You know you don’t have to jump off of the box for he to be considered prescribed. You can step off of the box.” I replied, “It’s easier for me this way.”
And it is. I lose my rhythm if I step off of the box, as 1 foot lands before the other. When I jump off the box I tell myself to immediately jump again, and that cue works for me. Do you know the difference between “cue” and “queue”? I do.
Time = 9:03
That’s pretty f@cking fast.

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