Flippin’ and snatchin’

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I rested yesterday. ‘Twas much needed.

I had my annual physical today, and as I’ve changed primary care physicians this was my first visit at the UNC Healthcare location. Uhm, the questionnaire stated: Check the box if you have homosexual preference. Uhm, it’s “orientation,” not preference. Uhm, it’s also 2014. I crossed through “preference” and penciled in “orientation” — and then didn’t check any box.

The nurse, Janet (named changed) asked, “Are you a runner?” “No,” I replied.” “A biker?” “No, I replied.” I thought, “Keep guessing.” She then asked, “Are you a swimmer?” I gave up and said, “No, I’m a CrossFitter.” “I could tell you were an athlete,” she replied. I took it as a compliment. Blood pressure 114/75, pulse 50, temperature 97.5, and weight 143 pounds. Dr. R, whilst listening to my heart, said, “This is going to take a while because your heart beats so slowly.” Again, I took it as a compliment.

A: Metcon (Weight)

Big Clean Complex (must be unbroken)
2 hang cln 1 full cln + push press
2 hang cln 1 full cln + push jerk
2 hang cln 1 full cln + 1 split jerk

This was tough. Coach James gave us plenty of time to warm up and establish the weight we’d use for complex. I settled on 125 and James, as he often does, encouraged me to go heavier. He said, “If you fail, that’s okay. You’ll know what you’re capable of doing.” I put 45# plates on the bar and successfully completed the complex at that weight. My cleans are much better than my jerks. I still fear re-injuring my shoulder.

B: Metcon (Weight)

Hang clean + C&J + jerk (heavier)

I was pretty much spent by this point. I first attempted 145# and didn’t even get under the bar. I lowered the weight to 135, and did sets at that weight, 140, 145, and 150#. I was done, and told James so.

C: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

90-second intervals; rest 90 seconds between activities
– Rope climbs
– DUs
– Tire flips
– Burpees
– Snatches

So that we could all complete in order, Jeff began rope climbs followed by me and then Mike. I should’ve thought this through, and this meant I was always the only person working as Jeff and Mike rested. Dammit. Tonight was one of those times when I often got in the very last rep just as the timer beeped, and this happened for all but power snatches.

I was dreading the power snatches before we even began. James encouraged us to power snatch 80% of 1RM, and as my 1RM is 115 I lifted 100#. Uhm, that’s more than 85%. Dammit. James said, “Even if you get just one rep I’ll be happy.”

Six rope climbs and125 double unders. So far, so good. Prior to tonight, I had not attempted to flip 300# tire, and I was worried that I would be unable to do so. I attempted the first flip, and just couldn’t position my hands correctly. I let the tire drop to the ground. I got the next attempt. I attempted again, failed again, and then completed a second flip. James said, “There’s 30 seconds left.” I could tell by his tone and demeanor that he was giving me permission to quit. Ha! No f@cking way. I flipped the tire a third and final time.

Burpees? Hell, yes! James called “Halfway there” when I had just completed 15. I set my goal to complete 30 and completed 31.

I completed 1 power snatch, failed an attempted, completed a second power snatch, and failed again. James encouraged me to rest until there was just a few seconds left on the clock. I waited until there was 15 seconds, and completed 2 last reps for a grand total of just 4 measly reps.

That was tough. Total score = 169 reps.

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