For a slight change of pace…

A pic from the latest photo shoot! Rona is such a gifted photographer.
A pic from the latest photo shoot! Rona is such a gifted photographer.

I didn’t nap today. Yup, that’s how busy I’ve been. I coached at 6, & 7, ate Paleo breakfast, took Luke for a walk, coached at  9:30, met the Lovely Kat B. for Paleo lunch, and then worked out at 1. Whaaaat? I worked out solo, the first time I’ve done so in a very long time.

Why? Because I wanted to complete a challenging workout that I wouldn’t necessarily program at CrossFit Surmount. That means that I didn’t complete strength (floor press wasn’t going to happen anyway) or conditioning (wouldn’t have been very challenging).

So that I would hold myself accountable, I recorded the workout on the whiteboard.

5 rounds for time; rest 1 minute between rounds
5 burpee handstand pushups
5 burpee toes to bar
5 burpee 30″ box jumps
5 burpee 20″ wall ball shots to 10′ target
5 burpee pull-overs

I knew this was going to be tough, and it was. I set goal to complete all rounds of reps unbroken, knowing that doing 5 unbroken burpee pull-overs was going to be a challenge.

For burpee handstand pushups, I ensured that chest and thighs touched floor, that I stood to full extension before kicking legs to wall, that elbows were locked before descending, that elbows were locked at the finish of the HSPU, and that I began next rep standing to full extension.

Of all activities, burpee toes to bar were the easiest, and were somewhat of a welcome relief. Burpee box jumps were challenging, as my legs were still somewhat tired from the sh!tstorm that was yesterday’s Barbell Club workout. For burpee wall ball shots I ensured that I began first rep by completed medicine ball clean and that I didn’t let the medicine ball drop to the floor between reps, i.e., I caught the medicine ball and placed it on the floor.

Burpee pull-overs finally came together today. This makes me happy! Uhm, this activity isn’t easy to do, and in the past I’ve often paused — even rested — between reps. Not so today, for as soon as my feet touched the floor after a rep I immediately completed a burpee. While I often dreaded (and perhaps somewhat feared) upcoming burpee pull-overs as I was completing other activities, I began to enjoy them by the last round.

Times: 3:32, 3:38, 3:33, 3:33, 3:27

I’m not quite sure why it took me seconds longer to complete the second round. I am pleased that the last round was my fastest! I also completed all rounds unbroken and didn’t miss a single rep.

This was fun! Not to worry, Surmounties, as it’s unlikely that I’ll program this workout.

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