“I promise.”

No Barbell Club this evening, so I worked on skills during open gym. I was joined by my very good friend, Jay, as well as Jeff — and Luke!

I worked on deficit handstand pushups using plates. I set up 2, 25# plates farther away from Abmat than I normally do so as to allow enough room for my (very broad) shoulders. I made sure that I kicked my legs up wall and began at full extension. I then lowered my head to the Abmat and completed rep. I easily completed 3, 6, 9, 10.5 & 12″ handstand pushups, so I attempted 15″. And failed. Dammit. I kept interrupting Jeff to record. I attempted 13.5″ and, although I struggled, I successfully completed.  I attempted 15″ two more times, each time saying to Jeff, “This is my last attempt. I promise.” I called it a day, and told Jeff that I wouldn’t be attempting again.

5 wall walks
10 box jumps (24 & 30″)
4 wall walks
8 box jumps
3 wall walks
6 box jumps
2 wall walks
4 box jumps
1 wall walk
2 box jumps

I set up 24″ box with 30″ box in front of it. I’d jump on the 24″ box first and 30″ box next, turn around and jump on the 30″ and then 24″ box, turn around again (if applicable) and jump on 24″ box, etc. Get it? Good. Going on. I completed all rounds unbroken and with no failed attempts at either wall walks or box jumps.

Time = 3:59

The plates were still set up for deficit handstand pushups. I said, “One last attempt, Jeff. I promise!” He replied, “You keeping saying that.”

I attempted — and completed! Yay! It was a great way to finish the day.




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