CrossFit Total

I consumed 2 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon, a half of an avocado, and 16 oz. or coffee. I then weighed myself. A mere 141 pounds. Dammit. It take a lot of effort to eat as much as I do.

I worked out with the 8:30 athletes, and a good time was had by all. It’s a delight watching people go beyond their expectations!

Things went just okay for yours truly. And that’s, well, just okay.

CrossFit Total
Back squat 1RM + press 1RM + deadlift 1RM

I wanted to establish new 1RM for all lifts, but who the hell doesn’t want that? I got off to a good start, first back squatting 245, 5# over 1RM, and then back squatting 255#. Yay! I successfully pressed 135#, but had 2 failed attempts at 141#, 1# more than 1RM. I just couldn’t get the bar off of the ground today when it came to deadlifting, and this may be attributed to still-sore left hamstring. As the Triangle Invitational is the weekend, I didn’t want to overdo it, either. I deadlifted 345, 25 less than 1RM, attempted and failed both 355 and 350, and called it a day.

255+135+345=735. That’s a 60# PR!

BS | 180% of bodyweight
Press | 96% of bw
DL | 245% of bw

Luke watches to ensure that I squat below parallel.
Luke loses interest once I finish the lift.

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