Barbell and Bodyweight Challenge

IMG_2186I worked out at 8:30 this morning, forgoing the Barbell Club so that I could focus on, well, coaching the Barbell Club in James’ absence.

Metcon (Time)

OHS x 10 bw & bar muscle ups

G2O x 15 bw & box jumps (33)

S2O x 20 bw & T2B

BS x 25 bw & HSPUs

DL x 40 bw & GHD sit-ups

OHS | 1,430 ÷ 95 = 15
G2O | 2,145 ÷ 105 = 21
S2O | 2,860 ÷ 115 = 25
BS | 3,575 ÷ 155 = 23
DL | 5,720 ÷ 185 = 31

I completed S2O, OHS, G2O, BS, and DL. I thought I had taken picture of whiteboard that included reps, but it appears that I did not; thus, I’m going on memory here.

And, if memory serves me, I completed as 9, 3, 3, & 4 S2O, telling myself to pull myself under the bar. I completed 15 toes to bar, rested a moment, and completed the remaining reps as very fast singles. Take that, judges!

OHS went reasonably well, and I completed 10 reps out of the gate, although not unbroken. Yup, I didn’t count 2 reps as I knew that I hadn’t broken parallel. I completed the last 5, once again failing a rep. I completed 1 bar muscle up and then thought, “You’ve got 2 Paleo Challenge workouts this week. Just complete chest to bar pull-ups and call it a day.” And that’s what I did, and I did indeed complete 19 reps.

I completed G2O as clean & jerks, and this went much better than power jerks. Perhaps I was more warmed up by this time. My heart rate began to rise while completing box jumps, and I missed 1 rep. Fortunately my feet landed on the box just outside of the 45# plate. Whew.

I completed back squats in reps of 9, 6, 5, & 3, and HSPUs in reps of as many as 11 and as few as the last single. HSPUs did, however, go very well today.

I’m still nursing a sore hamstring, so I obviously went very light for DLs. This meant I had to complete 31 reps, and I did so in reps of 11, 10, & 10. I finished by completing 31 unbroken GHD sit-ups. Yup, sit-ups were the easiest part of the workout.

This was fun!

Time = 31:55

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