Team Super Awesome!

‘Twas a very fun day at CrossFit Surmount! Twenty athletes attended the 3:30 session, and as only 7 attended the 9:45 session I was able to join a team and complete the workout. I allowed the athletes to choose teams, and Kevin was the first to say he wanted to be on my team. He’s a very smart man. Ashlee and Lauren chose Jeff, Rob joined my team, and Anthony decided to join Jeff as well. That left my very good friend, Jay, as the last person to join Team Super Awesome. And super awesome we were!

Metcon (Time)

Cash in

Teams of 4 take a turn each rowing 500m

Complete 1, 2, 3…10, 11, 12 reps of the following:

– 12’ farmer’s carry (53/35)

– Floor press (95/63)
– Weighted Abmat sit-ups
Bent over rows (95/63)
– KB swings

Cash out
Teams of 4 take a turn each rowing 500m

Teams must complete as relay, with members taking turns in same order from start to finish.

I programmed this to be a true relay. The teams also had to develop a strategy, as the first team member completed 15 reps, the second completed 18, the third completed 21, and the fourth or anchor completed 24 reps of all activities except rowing. I let Team Super Awesome choose the order: Rob, Kevin, Jay, and Super Duper Awesome Paul.

I’m very proud of my teammates, as everyone pulled his weight. We all had strong rows and completed unbroken reps. Most importantly, we communicated well together and our transitions were very smooth.

‘Twas very difficult completing the first 500m row and then quickly transitioning to farmer’s carry. There was no time to rest! Uhm, and transitioning from farmer’s carry to floor press, floor press to sit-ups, sit-ups to bent over rows, and bent over rows — you guessed it — to KB swings.

From least to most difficult: Abmat sit-ups, farmer’s carry, bent over rows, KB swings, floor presses, and rowing. Uhm, particularly the last row, as I didn’t want to let down the team by allowing the other team to catch us. I honestly don’t believe that I’ve rowed that fast in the recent past, for when I opened my eyes to look at the monitor it usually read 1:38/500m. I do know that I slowed down the last 200m, as I knew the other team wouldn’t be able to catch us. I was nonetheless spent when all was said and done. I finished rowing and called time at 23:40, just under a minute faster than our competitors.

Super awesome indeed!


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