“Alive Inside” may very well be the best documentary ever. Ever. I’m not an overly emotional person, yet I cried both tears of sadness and joy numerous time whilst watching.

Barbell Club

James continues to do an excellent job coaching and leading the sessions.

A: Push Jerk (5,5,5,3,3,3,1,1,1)
I completed sets of 5 reps @ 95. 105, & 115; 3 reps @ 125, 135, & 140, and singles @ 145 & 155. I failed two attempts at 170. As my current 1RM is 165, I’m pleased. Most importantly, James provided positive feedback. Uhm, until the attempts at 170. I get so inside my head that I dip and drive. Uhm, but I don’t dip again, i.e., I don’t press myself under the bar. It’s a power jerk, Paul, not a push press. Dammit.
B1: Pendlay Row (5-7)
B2: Romanian Dead-lift (RDL) (6-8)
I completed sets at 115 (as instructed), 120, & 125. As faithful readers know, I’m much more concerned with proper form than I am with the weight on the bar. Just saying. I mistakenly did 8 reps of both.
Metcon (Time)
Farmer’s Carry 100m (70)
3 Rounds
10 OHS 155
3 Rope Climb
Farmer’s Carry 100m (70)
I decided to OHS @ 100, asking James for confirmation that it’d be a challenging enough weight. I completed a couple of reps at that weight and James did indeed confirm. This was a very, very challenging workout.
I completed 100m farmer’s carry with 2, 70# KBs in less than a minute. Yup, I attempted to run, knowing that it’d be unlikely that I’d be able to do so for the cash out.
The first set of OHS did not go well, and I missed a few reps in that I didn’t squat below parallel. I didn’t count the reps. I completed 5, 3, & 2 — missing the first 2 attempts at the last 2 reps. That hurt. I wore my Reebok shoes so as to be able to grip the rope for the climbs. For whatever reason, I spun quite a bit on the rope. I didn’t complete a single climb in 2 pulls.
The second set of OHS went much better, and, after failing the first rep, I completed the next 8 reps unbroken. I once again failed the failed the first 2 attempts at the last 2 reps. Dammit. And dammit. Another 3 rope climbs, spinning like a top.
The final set of OHS went splendidly, and I completed 10 unbroken reps! Yay! Three more rope climbs. I was dreading the farmer’s carry.
I carried the KBs 30m and rested a moment. I then completed 2 more 20m farmer’s carry. I was so happy to finally be finished that I did carry the KBs 30m, even running to the finish.
Time = 10:21
My forearms were swolt, I tell you, swolt! Haha!
I had a very difficult time entering score using keyboard.

I continue to eat mostly Paleo, and I’ve been consuming a tremendous amount of eggs. I ate a hard boiled egg and a handful of walnuts after coaching CrossFit Express. I then went home I had 5 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs, and watermelon for breakfast. Lunch was grilled turkey, wilted spinach with garlic, turnips, and an acorn squat stuffed with apples. My afternoon snack consisted of 8 (yes, 8) chocolate paleo cupcakes that made all by my little self and an apple with almond butter. Oh, and walnuts, pumpkin seeds, more watermelon, and a papaya. And another apple. I had a chicken, spinach, and mushroom omelette for dinner and 2 paleo pancakes (thanks, Evelyn!) for dessert.
I don’t crave beer. It’s Thursday, and I usually have a beer. What the hell is happening to me?

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