Over the shoulder bolder holder

I hand’t planned on completing today’s workout, but as Felicia was the only attendee at the 4 pm session I joined her for the metcon. It’s the holiday season, and all sessions were well-attended except, well, this session.

I adore Felicia, and I enjoy spending time with her.

50 alternating arms sledgehammer swings
25 calorie row

My goals were to complete all rounds of 50 sledgehammer swings unbroken and to row 25 calories in 25 strokes. I only achieved one of these goals. Dammit.

Yup, 5 rounds of 50 unbroken sledgehammer swings. I took me 28 strokes to row 25 calories the first 4 rounds. Whilst rowing the 4th round I thought, “I forgot to set the rower to 6!” I rowed the very last 25 calories in 26 strokes, still 1 stroke off. Dammit.

Whilst resting before Barbell Club I said to James, “You’d enjoy this metcon. It’s just sledgehammer swings and rowing.” He replied, “That’s right up my wheelhouse, but I wouldn’t enjoy it. I’m just good at hitting things and pulling.” I paused as said, “It sounds just you what you did when you hit puberty.” He agreed.

I’m a funny guy.

James led the Barbell Club, and it was a fun session this evening.

Power Snatch (HEAVY 3)
Back off Sets TNG 4×2
I worked up to a set of heavy 3 at 100#. James and I had a rather lengthy discussion about hips making contact with the bar. He justifiably reminds me to open my hips and pull myself under the bar, and when I do so I do well. He complimented my form. Yay! I completed back off sets at 90, 90, 95, & 95. Awesome!
Push Jerk (HEAVY 2)
Back off Sets 5×3
I worked up to heavy 2 at 135 and back off sets at 105, 105, 110, 110, & 115. My shoulders are still somewhat sore, you know, from 75 strict handstand pushups and 75 strict pull-ups.
Front Squat
I worked up to 2 reps at 215, just 10# less than current 1RM. James provided positive feedback. I said, “Well at least I know I’m good at squatting.”
Metcon (Time)
5 RFT (10 min cap)
5 chest to bar pull-ups
5 squat cleans 135
5 box jumps 36″
I decided on 115# for squat cleans, and in retrospect I should’ve challenged myself with a heavier weight. Uhm, my hamstrings are still somewhat sore, you know, from 150 GHD hip extensions.
I completed all rounds of chest to bar pull-ups unbroken, as well I should.
I stupidly wore my Nanos, having forgotten how much I dislike wearing the shoes whilst doing box jumps. James had instructed us to not jump down, from but to instead step down from the box. In his words, to slow us down a bit. He knows that I don’t like stepping off of the box, but I do what the coach tells me to do. Just as I was getting ready for my first jump he said, “You can jump down if you like.” I jumped onto the box and said, “I’ll step down.” And then I jumped down. I honestly hadn’t intended to do so! I was so flustered that I missed the next box jump, stepping beside the 2, 45# plates. That was the only box jump that I missed, and I made sure that I stepped off of the box for all remaining reps.
Jeff and I started out neck and neck, and he finished the first round a few seconds ahead of me, having completed squat cleans much faster than did I. I caught him by the 2nd round, and kept my lead. It’s nice working out beside him, and it was even more fun doing cleans whilst facing him.
Time = 7:05
Luke slept through the entire workout. Barbell Club bores him.

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