What, no post since Tuesday? Yup, no post since Tuesday.

I did complete the metcon on Wednesday.

– 10 box jumps (30) min 1, 4, 7, & 10
– 5/leg box step ups (95) min 2, 5, 8. & 11
– 5 burpee box jumps (24) min 3, 6, 9, & 12

This was enjoyable if for no other reason than Camellia and I got into a rhythm each and every round of box jumps. ‘Twas fun! I enjoyed the metcon, and most members I talked with did so as well. It’s nice to do an EMOM instead of an AMRAP or an AFAP.

Uhm, and people are far less likely to cheat.

I rested on Thursday and planned on working out with the 6:30 crew last night. But no one showed up for the 6:30 workout. Jeff and I took Barbara to dinner instead, and I almost consumed an entire 32 oz. of beer. Almost. Dammit.

I completed today’s team workout with none other than Evelyn and Thom. Yes, that Thom. Evelyn commented that this was the first time she’s ever been on my team! Most people think that I’d be bossy and mean, but I’m actually quite cooperative and supportive.

Team Workout
In teams of 3 or 4
12 wall crawls
12 rope climbs
10m waiter’s carry 24 times (44/26)
72 power cleans (95/73)
72 power snatches (75/53)
120 dead-lifts (135/103)
Row 144 calories

The only stipulations were that the activities needed to be completed in the order listed and that the work had to be evenly divided. Evelyn, Thom, and I worked very well together, and worked at a steady pace.

We completed wall crawls and rope climbs taking turns, and then the waiter’s carry taking a turn each. Uhm, except Evelyn thought it was 6 instead of 8 sprints. Ha!

I completed power cleans in 3 rounds, although not even rounds of 8 reps. I did complete 3 rounds of 8 reps of power snatches, and 4 rounds of 10 reps of dead-lifts.

I didn’t intend to row 48 calories at one sitting, but that’s what I did. The math is easier that way.

Time = 26:28

Jeff was kind enough to coach today’s CFEx so that I could, well, work up a sweat.

1 dead-lift (185) + 10 lateral bar hops + 2 box (24″)  jump overs with 180 degree twist…10 dead-lifts, 100 later bar hops, 20 box jump overs 

My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken, knowing that finishing with 100 lateral bar hops would be a challenge. I was surprised (although i shouldn’t have been) by how challenging the dead-lifts were, particularly the round of 10. Susan was kind enough to grunt loudly with me as she completed dead-lifts, and that helped.

During the round of 18 box jumps overs I began to obsess about 100 lateral bar hops, having a difficult time imagining that I would indeed be able to complete unbroken. I then thought, “This is how box jumps are missed. Stay focused on each and every rep.” And that’s what I did.

Yup, I completed all rounds in unbroken reps. That’s 55 dead-lifts, 550 lateral bar hops, and 110 box jumps.

Time = 18:43


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