Lots o’ legs

Yesterday I attended the 9:30 session that was led by the fabulousness that is Jen. She’s such a great addition to the coaching staff!

Metcon (Time)

5 chin-ups
5 air squats
5 pushups
5 wall ball shots (20/14 & 10/9)
5 chin-ups
5 SDHPs (95/63)
5 pushups
5 stiff-legged deadlifts
25 burpees

This was a tremendous amount of fun! My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken. Sadly, I threw an air ball one of the rounds. Dammit.

Time = 6:56

It’s my blog, and I haven’t ranted in quite some time…

Few emotions are pure. When an athlete cheats by not completing the required rounds and/or reps, it saddens me. It also angers me. I feel disrespected, disregarded, and, above all else, disappointed. When an individual’s only goal is posting a faster time than a “competitor,” than her or his priorities are, well, shit. As a coach, I’m likely to call them out. As a box owner, I’m far less likely to do so. ‘Tis a dilemma. I can sleep more easily knowing that it’s just as obvious to others as it is to me.


I worked out at 9:30 today, December 2, and the always lovely Coach Deborah led the session.

Back squat
30 unbroken reps

I warmed up with the bar, 135#, and then got to work. I couldn’t decide between 165 & 170, and eventually settled on 170#, about 67% of recently achieved 1RM of 255.

I completed the first 11 reps unbroken. And then the weight began to feel heavy. When I had completed 20 reps I heard Coach Deborah say, “Shake our your legs, Tami.” Uhm, I realized that I hadn’t done so up to this point. I shook out my legs.

The last 5 reps were the hardest. Whilst I struggled, I never felt like or thought that I couldn’t complete.

I shouldn’t have worn a hoodie whilst completing. It got hot, and I almost called over Coach Deborah to ask if she’d lower my hood.

I didn’t complete today’s metcon, as I had already done so this past Saturday. I instead completed the following:

9 forward rolls
9 deck squats
9 box jumps (always completing in 3 sets @ 24, 30, & 36″; thus 3 at each height this round)
12 fr
12 ds
18 bj (6 at each height)
15 fr
15 ds
27 bj (9 at each height)
18 fr
18 ds
36 bj (12 at each height)

Ending with 12, 36″ box jumps was a challenge. Even more challenging was completing desk squats immediately after rolling. Okay, the most challenging part of the workout was the deck squats, as I hadn’t done them in ages. I missed a few reps in that my hand touched down. I also took a stagger step or two for quite a few reps. I also nailed many a rep.

I took me four, count them, four attempts to finish last rep of round of 15.

Time = 15:13


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