My hamstring is healed! For the first time in as long as I can remember, completing deadlifts caused no pain. Thus, I shall no longer call deadlifts “deadstrings.”

I worked out with the 11:45 am crew, and a large crew it was! I good time was had by most.

Deadlift (5 @ 75, 3 @ 85, & AMRAP @ 95% of 90% of 1RM)

Basing weights on 370# deadlift (that I haven’t achieved in a very long time), I completed 5 @ 245, 3 @ 285, and 6 @ 315#. I felt like all eyes were upon me whilst completing last set, and when I finished final rep I said so. Jen replied, “We were all watching you!” This surprises me, as I was facing them and, you know, most want to look at my ass. True story.

“Jenny” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20-min AMRAP:
20 overhead squats (45/33)
20 back squats (45/33)
Run 400m

As I rested Wednesday I wasn’t able to complete “Randy.” I was very much looking forward to completing this Hero WOD, and I wasn’t disappointed. ‘Twas very difficult, as every Hero WOD is and ought to be.

My goal was to complete 6 rounds. Having watched folks struggle with the transitions from OHS to BS to running to OHS all morning, I had some idea what to expect.

I positioned myself near the garage door and completed the workout with my back to my fellow CFSers. Why? Because when I see folks working out I want to coach them. Not only should I not do so, you know, because I’m not coaching that session, it also slows me down when I watch others, you know, because most aren’t working at my Barry Allen pace.

And I didn’t want anyone to slow me down.

I didn’t expect OHS to be so easy and BS to be so difficult. I should’ve expected this based upon the sheer volume of squats. I completed all rounds of OHS unbroken. Yup, unbroken. And fast. Yup, very fast. And loudly. Yup, very, very loudly. I completed first round of BS unbroken, 2nd round in reps of 10, and remaining completed rounds in reps of 12 & 8. Running was a welcome relief, although my legs often felt like jelly.

It kind of makes me feel like an ass when I lap folks. I lapped just about everyone. Not only did I feel like an ass, but as I had my back to all all good to view my ass. Lucky them.

I had completed round 6 of OHS and BS and there was less than 2:30 (if I recall) left on the clock. I ran 400m, relishing the fact that it would be the last run of the day. I arrived at the box, quickly glanced at the clock, and then heard Coach Deborah say that there were 30 seconds remaining. i snatched the bar, locked out my arms, and completed 20 unbroken OHS. Upon completing last rep I quickly placed bar on my shoulders and completed 3 BS, doing so about a second before the clock sounded.

I completed 6 rounds + 23 reps, exceeding my goal. Yay!

Luke is such a good dog! He remained within the box and didn’t even attempt to run with me.

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