Second Best Partner Ever!

I spent the morning at WakeMed Soccer Park. Uhm, CrossFit Surmount will unlikely be hosting many (if) any races. “CrossFit is scary!” “CrossFit will make me a slower runner!” “Where are the restrooms?” Fortunately, Kathryn, Stuart, and Gabe were there — and they helped me break down the set up, too.

As Jeff coached all morning, I joined him at noon for the partner workout.

With 1 Partner
24-min AMRAP
– 5 6-count burpees
– 10 American KB swings (53/35)
– 10 pull-ups
Partners alternate activities

I began, completing 5, 6-count burpees. I made sure to take my time, as I know that being my partner can be, well, exhausting. I completed all rounds of 6-count burpees, pull-ups, and KB swings unbroken. Yup, I did that. Jeff struggled with pull-ups, and this gave me ample time to rest. Yup, I said that. We communicate very well together, and our transitions are very smooth. We nary need to say a single word!

We completed 24 rounds + 5 burpees (me), 10 KB swings (Jeff), and 1 pull-up (me).

Thus, I completed 65 burpees, 120 KB swings, and 121 pull-ups. I felt strong today! Oh, except that I’m very sore from the waist down. Yup, that. The hero WOD “Jenny” was very challenging, and I’m feeling the aftereffects of all of those squats.

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