I love FS

Jeff and I agree that we’re both getting strong, thanks in part to our participation in the Barbell Club. I mentioned this to Coach James and he replied, “The most important thing to me as a coach is seeing others progress.” He’s a humble — and very strong — young man.
Snatch (Heavy Single then back off DBLS)
I worked up to a good rep @ 100#, and then did doubles @ 80#. I have the strength, but I lack the shoulder mobility. Dammit. (You didn’t have to wait very long for my first “dammit.”)
Front Squat (6,6,5,2×3)
Me: You know what I’m going to ask, James. What percentage of one rep max should we begin and end with?
James: Start at 55% and maybe work up to 75%. Paul, do 6 at 135, 6 at 145, 5 at 155, and then maybe sets of 3 at 165 and 175.
I felt particularly strong tonight, and 135 felt far too light. The set of 6 at 145 felt too light as well, so at James’ suggestion I increased weight for set of 5 to 165. Uhm, still felt light and easy. I completed a set of 3 at 175 and, you guessed it, the weight felt too light. James said, “Don’t count that set.” So I didn’t. I did my “first” set of 3 at 185. Easy. I said, “James, I’m going to do the last set at 200.” He said, “Go for it.” I did, but I made sure that he observed. He said, “Every rep counted. You looked strong.”
I could’ve easily front squatted 215 (or more) for 3 reps tonight. That’s a confidence builder! Regardless, I achieved a new 3RM PR tonight. Dammit! Ha!
Clean Pull (@ 90% of 1RM)
I completed 4 sets of 2 reps at 155#.
Metcon (Time)
75 Dus
25 Strict pull-ups
75 Dus
25 GHD sit-ups
75 Dus
This was my kind of workout. Double unders are seldom a problem, and today was no exception. I was able to string together as many as 50+ each round. As usual, it was my shoulders that tired before my lungs. I completed as many as 5 unbroken and strict pull-ups and as few as singles. I completed 25 unbroken GHD sit-ups. Abs of steel, bitches. Abs. Of. Steel. I decided to complete strict handstand pushups, and completed as many as 5 unbroken and as few as singles for for the last 4 or 5 reps. I also missed a rep in that my head didn’t touch the mat before I pressed up. Yup, I re-did that rep.
Time = 11:40
Luke likes to be beside me when I lift so I made sure that I used the squat rack beside his couch. He finds BBC very boring.

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