Stay focused

I worked out solo for the first time in a very long. I reminded myself that the only person I was competing with was myself. Ha! I was very much in need of an endurance workout; thus, I completed “Coach Paul’s Birthday WOD.” It’s a gorgeous NC day and a great day to run! Uhm, every day is a great day to run.

Run 1 mile
6 rounds of the following:

— 12 burpee dead-lifts (225#)
— 14 burpee box jumps (30″)
— 19 burpee pull-ups

— 63 lateral bar hops/double unders (alternating rounds)
Run 1 mile

I challenged myself by making the workout more difficult in that I completed burpee box jump overs and non-kipping pull-ups. My goal was to complete all rounds unbroken, including lateral bar hops and double unders. I didn’t achieve this goal but was nonetheless very happy with my performance.

I ran the first mile in an intentionally slow pace of 7:30. I forget to connect iPhone to TV so I wasn’t able to follow passage of time as the workout progressed. I completed all rounds of burpee dead-lifts, burpee box jumps, and burpee pull-ups in unbroken reps. I mistakenly completed 20 burpee pull-ups the first round. I didn’t, however, complete just 18 reps any other round. That’s not how I roll.

I lost focused during the last round (5th round overall) of lateral bar hops and missed the 50th rep. Dammit. I completed the other 2 rounds in unbroken reps. I completed the 1st round of double unders in reps of 45 & 18, the 2nd round unbroken (Yay!), and the last round in reps of 59 & 4. Yup, I was that close to completing in unbroken reps.

After completing just the 2nd round overall I thought, “Maybe I’ll just stop after the 3rd round.” ‘Twas tempting. I worked at a very steady pace and, for the most part, remained focused. I almost missed a box jump during the very last round. Almost.

The most challenging aspect of the entire workout was the last 5 or so reps of every round of burpee pull-ups. I so wanted to kip. I did not.

2-mile run
72 burpee dead-lifts
84 burpee box jumps
114 burpee pull-ups
189 lateral bar hops
189 double unders
 270 burpees (without final jump and clap, obviously)

Time = 1:05:12

That’s slower than last year, but as I made the workout more challenging I am very pleased with how I finished. I’m also very tired.

Many folks have requested password for previous 2 posts about CF Level 2 cert. I have provided password to non-casual readers. Make sense? If someone only wants to read the blogs because of the topic, I don’t want them reading the blogs. Context, folks — you have to place everything in context. Thus, if I’ve ignored your request you know the reason why.

I ask that those of you who have the password not share it with others, and I also ask that you not share my comments and/or remarks. Okay? Okay.


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