I had the pleasure or working out with Marni, the newest addition to the coaching team, at 8:30 this morning. And what a work out it was.

First, Marni is an exceptional athlete, and she pushed me to work hard. She may not realize that she did, but indeed she did.

Having completed the workout this morning, Holly said, “You’ll get double my score of 315.”

For a change of pace, I didn’t set specific goal. I knew that I’d need to work at a steady pace.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

1-min AMRAP rope climbs
2-min AMRAP slam balls
3-min AMRAP box jumps
4-min AMRAP double unders
5-min AMRAP burpees
4-min AMRAP Abmat sit-ups
3-min AMRAP pushups
2-min AMRAP pull-ups
1-min AMRAP rope climbs
Rest 1 minute between activities

I used 30# slam ball and 24″ box.

I completed 4 rope climbs. ‘Twas a strong start.

I worked on power jerks yesterday, and completed 50 reps @ 95# in 3:01. I mention this only because my arms felt tired during slam balls, and I rested at least 4 or 5 times during work. I completed 54 reps.

I didn’t rest during box jumps but did miss about 4 or 5 reps and completed 78 total reps.

My legs felt like jelly at the start of the double unders and I stumbled out of the gate. At the halfway mark I had completed 125 reps, so I set a goal to complete 150. I completed 254 double unders. Yay!

I hate math even more than I love burpees. I had completed 35 reps at the halfway mark and thought “Complete the same number of reps during the remainder of time. That’d be 75 reps.” Uhm, 35 + 35 = 70, not 75. I really had to push it during the last 30 seconds or so to complete 75 reps, but 75 reps I did indeed complete.

Abmat sit-up were, in a word, painful. I worked steadily for the first 2 minutes, than began to rest as needed. Near the end I was only completing 5 reps at a time. I completed 111 reps.

I began by completing 15 unbroken pull-ups, then completed in reps of 5, and then for the last reps completed in reps of 3 and then just 2. I completed 78 reps.

My arms were on fire, I tell you, fire! I began with 15 unbroken pull-ups, the completed in reps of 5, and finished with reps of 3 and 2. I completed 42 reps.

I wasn’t looking forward to the rope climbs, and only managed to complete 3 reps.

4+54+78+254+75+111+78+42+3=699 reps


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