You gotta listen

I coached from 8:30 until 11:45 and then attended Barbell Club. As always, ’twas fun!

Coach James had a spill on his mountain bike. Ouch. “Evelyn,” I said, “I am interested in many different types of bikes. Street bikes, mountain bikes, even motorcycles. You could say that I’m ‘bike curious.'”

Front Squat (5×4-6 @ 21×1)
If you break tempo STOP

Front squats continue to feel awesome, and the FS has become one of my favorite lifts. I completed sets of 6 reps @ 115, 135, 155, 165, & 175. I was able to maintain tempo and ensured that I held bottom of squat for a count of one-thousand-one.

Hang Snatch (In 8-10 sets work to moderate dbl hang snatch)

I didn’t complete even 8 sets, but did work up to a set of 2 reps at 90, completing sets @ 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, &, 90. I do believe that the hang snatch is my least favorite lift.


James asked Evelyn what she did for a living. Evelyn said, “I’m a buyer for Stock Supplies.” I said, “Evelyn, I’d like to know all about your job as a buyer, like what you buy and what you do on a daily basis. You could say that I’m ‘buyer curious.'”

Metcon (Weight)
2 Snatch DL+1Pull
6 sets
I worked up to a set @ 110. Jeff says I don’t pull high enough.

Metcon (Time)
Box Jump
Push Press

James instructed me to lift 95# and to jump 24″. My mistake was not warming up the push press. I completed 21 dl and bj unbroken and rather quickly. Whilst completing the 5th rep of push press I felt a slight twinge in left shoulder. I looked at James and said, “I”m out.” He said, “Just do heavy deadlifts and box jumps.” Uhm, I did heavy deadlifts yesterday and “The Grinch” is programmed for tomorrow. I dropped the weight to 65# and easily completed 21 unbroken push press. I put the plates back on the bar and completed 15 unbroken dls and bjs, dropped the weight to 85 and completed 15 unbroken push press. I added the plates and completed 9 unbroken dls, bjs, and pp. My time was 6:29.

I’d very much like to attempt this metcon again with heavier weight. Yup, heavier weight.


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