I coached the morning sessions and then rushed to take Luke to the orthopedist. As suspected, he’s going to have surgery for a torn ACL. Dammit.

I hadn’t had much to eat (an hard boiled egg and a protein bar) and was very hungry when I finally left the vet’s office after noon. I decided to have a bacon burger and fries at Two Guys. Yup, the first time I’ve had fries in months.

And it wasn’t the list bit satisfying. Dammit. It appears that clean eating is the only kind of eating for me.

I arrived at the box at about 3:30 as I wanted to complete today’s conditioning before coaching at 4. Uhm, I had once again forgotten that Deborah coaches the Friday at 4 session, and I didn’t realize this until she arrived — and I had already worked out.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

8-min Tabata
Lateral bar hops
Plank hold
Alternate activities

Score = total number of reps (each sec is rep for plank)

Scale up to higher bar hops and weighted plank holds

I used a parallette for bar hops and placed a 25# plate on my back for holds. I averaged 35 hops a round for a score of 440. The lateral bar hops were particularly difficult as the hop is higher and the area for jumping is smaller.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


A burpee each time The Police sing “Roxanne” — and a bottom of the squat hold when they’re merely playing or singing. That was my own twist.

Uhm, and it was too easy. I held squat requisite time and completed requisite burpees.

As I had time to kill, I joined the 4 pm athletes and did both workouts again. Yup, I did that. Uhm, only this time I wore a 25# vest.

I used a barbell with plates for lateral bar hops. That was tough, as I had to hold onto sides of vest to keep it from knocking the wind out of me. I easily held plank, and probably should’ve added a plate.

Roxanne was even more fun whilst wearing a 25# weight vest! And I easily held bottom of plank requisite time and easily completed requisite burpees. Yup, I’ll be wearing a heavier weight vest next time.


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