It’s seldom easy being my workout partner… Click here for Urban Dictionary definition of pwnage.

I coached the 8:30 session and then observed Nick coach his first ever session at CrossFit Surmount. He’s a great coach! I’m looking very forward to working out during sessions that he leads.

Anthony, Thom, and new member Mike were the only male members (male member, that made me laugh!) to attend the 11 am session. Having destroyed demolished demoralized worked out with both Thom and most recently Anthony, I let Mike know that I’d partner with him. Mike recently moved from Chicago, and having tried many of the area boxes he decided that CrossFit Surmount was the best fit for him. He’s obviously smart as well as strong, upbeat, and modest. Just like me? (Notice the question mark. In this case the question mark indicates a rhetorical question.)

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner WOD
30-min AMRAP
10 wall ball shots (20 & 10)
10 ring rows
10 floor presses (95)
Partners alternate activities

To somewhat level the playing field, I lowered rings and placed feet on box so that at the bottom of the row my body was parallel to the floor. In retrospect I should’ve also used a heavier wall ball and/or a higher target and heavier weight for bench presses.

I completed all rounds unbroken. I felt particularly strong today. Ring rows were effortless, wall ball shots presented little challenge, and even floor presses felt easy. Uhm, I usually struggle with bench and floor presses.

Mike had little time to rest. Once again, I tried not to be a dick, and I think/feel that for the most part I was succeeded. Mike said that he enjoyed the extra push and that he enjoyed being my workout partner.

I had completed 9.5 of last 10 reps of floor presses of round 28. Dammit.

Totals: 140 wall ball shots, 140 ring rows, 139 floor presses.

Thom created yet another meme. Ha!


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