Challenge yo’self

I was one of only five who attended the 8:30 am session. There were many at the FREE Barbell Club session and even more at the 11 am session. I suppose that some people need to sleep in on Sunday mornings. You’re forgiven. And likely still hungover.

Metcon (Time)


Dead-lift 40 x bodyweight
Back squat 30 x bodyweight
Shoulder to overhead 20 x bodyweight
Ground to overhead 10 x bodyweight
– You may complete lifts in any order.
– No racks may be used.
– Complete 50 double unders and 1 rope climb upon completion of all reps of any lift, e.g, when you complete all dead-lifts.

I had wisely created my spreadsheet last night. I wanted to challenge myself; thus, I lifted heavier than I would’ve normally done for a workout of this nature.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 1.49.02 PMDead-lifts at 225# presented little challenge, and in retrospect I could’ve and should’ve gone heavier. Uhm, I completed all 26 reps unbroken, although I did drop each lift from the top. I didn’t, however, rest — even as much as I wanted to.

I always completed the rope climb first and then the double unders, and completed 50 unbroken reps all but the third round.

I completed shoulder to overhead after dead-lifts and completed all reps as power jerks. I had to make myself not split jerk. I completed in reps of 5, 5, 5, 4, 3, & 3. This slowed me down a bit, but I didn’t rest that much between sets.

I was happy that I remembered to place my cheat sheet nearby, for as I was completing back squats I had the number 36 stuck in my mind. I wouldn’t have wanted to do even 4 more reps. I was pleased with how easily I cleaned and jerked the bar to my back. Once the bar was on my back I kept telling myself “Don’t drop the bar. Do whatever it takes to not have to drop the bar.” I completed in set of between 8 and 2. I paused to shake out my legs on numerous occasions. Back squats felt heavy today. Very heavy.

I finished with ground to overhead and, as planned, completed all reps as clean and split jerks. Yup, split jerks. Off all of the lifts the power clean & split jets were surprisingly the easiest, and I completed all reps unbroken.

After completing the 4th and final rope climb I walked to my jump rope. I set a goal to finish in under 20 minutes. I began dus when the clock read 18:45 and finished when the clock read 19:09. That’s 50 dus in 29 seconds.

We watched “American Sniper” and “The Interview” yesterday. Uhm, two very different movies. I liked and disliked both movies.


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