I’m very much enjoying working out at 6 am Monday and Wednesday mornings, and Coach Nick continues to do a great job leading the sessions.

Front Rack Lunge (EMOTM for 12 min)

Bar starts from the floor.
@ 55 to 65% of 1RM; increase weight as form and execution improves.
Min 0-5 | 3/leg
Min 5-10 | 2/leg
Min 10-12 | 1/leg

To better prepare athletes for the open, I’m programing may workouts where the barbel starts from the floor. Yup, from the floor.  I began @ 95# and completed last 2 singles @ 130 & 145. I ran out of plates or I would’ve gone heavier. Dammit.

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

5-min AMRAP
5 stiff-legged deadlifts (115/83)
5 jump overs (barbell, parallette, bench)
Rest 2 minutes
5-min AMRAP
Row maximum number of calories
Rest 2 minutes
5-min AMRAP
5 jump overs (barbell, parallette, bench)

This was honestly very fun! The first round was by far the easiest round, although jumping over the bench is not without its challenges. I completed exactly 12 rounds. I had time to probably get in another deadlift or 2, but I did not. Bad, Paul, bad!

I was the last to move to the rowers. Only 1 rower remained and it was to the left of Holly. She said, “Oh, no, I don’t want to row next to you.” I said, “Match me stroke for stroke. I promise you’ll have a good row.” And she did indeed match me stroke for stroke for the entire 5 minutes! I rowed 85 and Holly rowed 65 calories. It was nice to have someone to work not only beside but with, and the 5 minutes went by very quickly. Yes, I could’ve been more focused on my own rowing, but it was nice to provide coaching for Holly. (By the way, you’re still pulling too soon with your arms, Holly.)

Sumo deadlift high pulls felt heavy. As we usually lift 95# this was to be expected. I worked at a steady pace and completed exactly 8 rounds. I once again had time to complete another rep or 2 but I chose not to do so. Bad, Paul, bad!

Total = 285


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