Wednesday, February 4

I worked out kinda sorta with the 11:45 athletes. As only Julie and J-No attended the session, I didn’t complete the programmed partner WOD. Dammit. I kinda sorta wanted to, and this was my last opportunity to do so. (An even number of folks attended the 6 and 9:30 sessions. Dammit.)

I programmed my own workout, a combination of “Fran” and “Diane.”

Thrusters (95)
Dead-lifts (225)
Handstand pushups

My goal was to complete all rounds of reps unbroken, and I did not achieve this goal. I completed 2nd round of 7 HSPUs in reps of 5 and 2. On a positive note, I had no failed reps of any of the activities.

This was tough, and I was winded throughout the workout.

Time = 10:14

Yup, I’ll be programming this workout in the future.

Wall Balls 2 the Wall
As many unbroken wall ball shots as possible; no time limits

I challenged myself today and chose to do Level III: 20# wall ball and 12′ target. I rounds of 8, 13, 13, and then (finally) 15 unbroken reps! Thanks for cheering me on, Julie, J-No, and Jen!

Friday, February 5

Deborah, Marni, Janet, and I attended American Red Cross First Aid and CPR Certification training this morning, and a good time was had by all.

Many videos were shown, and I saw far too many men wearing pleated pants. One scene, however, was different…

The topic was heat exhaustion (not heat stroke), and the scenario involved a young, attractive male/female could who had evidently hired movers. The featured mover was an attractive young man. Move began to suffer from heat exhaustion and the Man was trained in first aid. He said, “Let’s get you out of the sun.” The Man and another worker moved the Mover to a white (a white!) chair. The narrator said, “Remove as much clothing as possible.” The Man then removed the Mover’s shirt, shoes, and socks, and as he began to roll up the Mover’s pants I whispered to Deborah, “I’ve seen this movie before.”


I learned much regarding first aid. Who knew a magazine, towel, and a screwdriver could be used for a tourniquet? I was also happy that I had remembered CPR.

Anyone know where I can find a deal on an AED for the box?

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