My favorite number is 14

Coach Nick led the 8:30 session. Yay! My friend and former co-worker, Kelly, briefly visited between sessions and brought Luke toys and treats. Yay and yay! (You’d better work out with us tomorrow, Kelly.)

Metcon (Weight)
EMOTM for 10 minutes
Hang power clean + power clean + clean

Increase weight as form and execution improve.

I completed sets @ 75, 85, 95. 105, 115, 125, 130, 135, 140, & 145. The hang power clean was, of course, the most challenging of the activities. I once again wore my Nike Metcons. I wore my orange Nike Metcons for Olympic weightlifting! If polygamy were legal I might marry the shoes.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
14-min AMRAP of 4 reps of the following
Burpee box jumps overs (24/20)
Burpee toes to bar
Burpee wall ball shots (20/14 & 10/9)
Inverted burpee

For Rx+ complete ALL of the following:
Burpee box jumps overs (30)
Burpee strict toes to bar
Burpee wall ball shots with tricep pushup
Burpee handstand pushups

This is my kind of workout! I missed 1 wall ball shot (the last rep of the 1st round). Dammit. All other reps were good, and I completed all remaining rounds in unbroken reps. No failed HSPUs.

I completed 5 rounds + 18 reps, just 2 burpee HSPUs shy or 6 complete rounds. That’s 24 burpee box jump overs, burpee strict toes to bar, burpee tricep pushup wall ball shots, and 22 burpee HSPUs.

I did indeed watch the season 1 finale of “Homeland.” Wow. Just, wow. I’m reluctant to begin season 2 for fear that I’ll spend the rest of the day binge watching.

Zac and Meg have been sleeping all over and on me. It’s disconcerting to wake up with a cat on your chest.


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