I worked out at 8:30 this morning. There was an odd number of athletes at the session, so I completed the partner workout solo. Gah! Not a very fun workout to do all alone.

Now I have this song going through my mind.

But first, strength.

Snatch (EMOTM for 10 min complete HPS + PS + Snatch)

Complete ALL sets @ 55-75% of snatch 1RM

I began with 2 sets @ 75 and worked up to last set @ 95#. Good times, good times.

Metcon (10 Rounds for reps)

Partner Solo WOD

10, 2-min rnds for reps; rest 30 seconds between rounds
Rotate through all activities 2x
A. 20m sandbag carry
B. Wall ball shot
C. Seated box jump
D. Rope climb
E. 5 lateral bar hops
Partners MUST take turns, e.g., 1 wall ball shot per turn and 5 lateral bar hops per turn.

I began with wall ball shots. I completed 25 unbroken reps, another 10, and finished with 8 for a total of 43. Yup, 20# wall ball and 10′ target. I was stationed next to Angelina and Holly for seated box jumps. I completed 20 seated box jumps. Yup, 20 & 24′ boxes.

On to rope climbs. Six. What a difference the Nike Metcons make! I began with 75 unbroken lateral bar hops and completed a total of 145. Sandbag shuttle sprints, you say? Don’t mind if I do! I completed 10 rounds. That’s 200m. That’s 100m a minute.

And here I go again. I began by completing only 10 unbroken wall ball shots. Dammit. I completed another 3 rounds of 10 unbroken reps for a total of 40. Yup, 3 less than first go-around. I did, however, make up for it by completing 23 seated box jumps. Yay!

I set a goal to complete 5 rope climbs, but was able to once again complete 6. I wore my low-rider Keith Haring socks, and did suffer from rope burn. As often happens, I had forgotten about the rope burn until I stepped into the shower.

I set goal to complete 145 lateral bar hops and managed to complete 160. I finished with 11 sandbag shuttle sprints. Yay!

Total = 464

That was a gasser.

There was a very large crowd for the 11 am session, and I really missed having Jeff there to assist.

I’ll go ahead and say it: I like coaching large groups. I truly do.


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