A day ahead

I had intended to work out all by my lonesome whilst Barbell Club was taking place, but got too involved with programming and preparing for the Open and so I wasn’t able to do so. Dammit. I briefly considered completing today’s programmed WOD (Games 14.5) but instead decided to complete modified version of tomorrow’s strength/conditioning. James was there to keep me company (and to share disgusting stories about hot yoga).

Metcon (3 rounds for reps)
5-min AMRAP
– Press & GHD sit-up ladder
Rest 2 min
5-min AMRAP
– Push press & GHD hip extension ladder
Rest 2 min
5-min AMRAP
– Power jerk & GHD sit-up ladder

Complete press, push press, & power jerk @ 45 – 55 % of 1RMs

I focused on quick transitions between barbell and GHD machine as well as receiving the bar quickly in preparation for next rep for push press and power jerk. I was kinda sorta successful keeping my focus.

I pressed 75#. I reminded myself to squeeze my ass and lock my knees for presses. As I was moving from GHD machine to barbell to begin round of 4 presses I thought, Don’t forget to receive the bar. My first rep was a push press. Dammit. I didn’t even bother to receive the bar for any other reps lest I lose my focus. I completed 8 rounds + 6 presses, and in unbroken reps. (I push pressed first rep, so as it didn’t count the round of 4 was still unbroken.)

Totals: 42 presses and 36 sit-ups.

I push pressed 85#. I did indeed receive the bar in preparation for next rep, and was able to complete all rounds of push presses and GHD back extensions unbroken. As is often the case, it was difficult to walk after completing hip extensions. As hip extensions take less time to complete than sit-ups, I did indeed complete more rounds, completing through round 9.

Totals: 45 push presses and hip extensions

I power jerked 95#. I was able to will myself to receive the bar in preparation for the next rep through round 8, but was exhausted by round 9 and, well, completed 1 rep at a time. Dammit. I completed through round 8 + 2 power jerks.

Totals: 38 power jerks and 36 sit-ups.

Grand totals: 125 shoulder to overhead, 27 power cleans, 72 sit-ups, and 45 back extensions.

I grunted loudly, even while completing sit-ups. At one point I looked up and James give me two thumbs up. Ha!

IMG_5330 IMG_5332

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