Rocky start

And I’m not talking about Rocky Balboa.

I completed 15.1 yesterday (Friday), and ended up doing so scaled. Yup, scaled. Why? I just didn’t feel confident that I’d be able to consistently snatch 115#. Dammit. I can’t decide if I lack the confidence or the skills. Uhm, and 115 is 80% of my bodyweight. Uhm, and 100% of my 1RM.

CrossFit Games Open 15.1
9-min AMRAP
15 knees to 90
10 dead-lifts (85#)
5 power snatches (85#) 
6 min to establish clean & jerk 1RM

Marni led the 11:45 session and Julie was my judge. There was some confusion about movement standards and judging responsibilities. When completing knees to 90 I make sure to glance over my right shoulder to ensure that heels break the vertical plane. Julie was under the impression that I had to kick my feet back in order for the rep to count. During the second round I completed 15 reps and called “Fifteen.” Before I dropped from the bar Julie said, “That’s 10 reps.” I asked, “Why is that only 10?” “Because you had no reps.” Unfortunately, she neglected to call “no rep” and/or provide the reason why.  I remained on the bar and completed an additional five reps. For the remaining rounds I kicked my feet waaaaay back to ensure that all reps counted.

And that’s okay.

I completed all rounds of knees to 90 without dropping from the bar, all rounds of dead-lifts unbroken, and a few rounds of power snatches unbroken.

This was a forearm burner. I would much rather have completed toes to bar than knees to 90.

I rested a minute before completing first C&J at a mere 95#. That was a waste of time and energy. I then completed reps at 135 and 145, and failed an attempt at 155. I decreased the weight to 150, and then was able to complete reps at 150 and 155. I was able to power clean 160, but wasn’t able to jerk it overhead. Dammit.

So now I have to decide if I want to complete 15.1 scaled again tomorrow, or even attempt as prescribed. I’m torn. In the Big Scheme of things, this workout is rather insignificant. I also can’t deny the fact that I’m a lightweight when it comes to lifting heavy shit.

I worked out at 9:45 today (Saturday), and the session was led by Nick.

Power Clean (Ladder @ 45-55% of 1RM)

I power cleaned 80#, 50% or 1RM. Jeff was in front of me. He began with his back to me and then (finally) turned around and faced me. There were a few times when we completed reps in unison, although he’s generally a faster lifter. He stopped after the round of 11 reps and I made it through 15. That’s 120 power cleans. I completed through round 13 in unbroken reps. I completed the final round of 15 with just about 10 seconds left. Whew!

Metcon (Time)

-10 sumo deadlift high-pulls (95)
-10 push presses
-20 back squats

This is a mainsite workout, and I liked it! Jeff and I were neck and neck the entire workout. I finished the first round first, but Jeff passed me during SDHPs and PP. I then caught him during BS. The same thing happened during third and final round, but Jeff had a big enough of a lead during BS that he did indeed finish first. And I was very proud of him for doing so!

Side note: I treated myself to a coffee with cream, the first time I’ve had anything other than black coffee in months. It was disgusting. Dammit?


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