With an “I”

Spring Break, Palm Sunday, something about basketball… It appears that many members are consumed with non-CrossFit activities. And that’s okay.

Kelli was the only athlete to attend the 8:30 session, so I joined her for the strength and conditioning. I always enjoying working out with Kelli, and today was no exception.

Bench Press (Establish baseline 1RM)

20-minute time cap

I worked up to 175. Yup, just 175. It’s no secret that the bench press is one of my least favorite activities. It’s also a lift that I should so later in the day.

Metcon (7 Rounds for reps)

Work 90 seconds; rest 1 minute between rounds
Rotate through the following activities:
A. 5 Muscle ups (ring or bar)
B. 20 Knees to elbows
C. 20 Toes to bar
D. 30 Abmat sit-ups
E. 30 Abmat back extensions
F. 30 Stiff-legged deadlifts (55/45% of bodyweight)
E. 30 Back squats (55/45% of bodyweight)
Complete max reps double unders in remaining time. 

IMG_8432Wow, this was more difficult than I imagined it would be. And fun! I began by completing 5 unbroken muscle ups (not even having warmed up muscle ups) and 58 double unders. Fifteen & 5 unbroken reps of knees to elbows and 63 double unders. Toes to bar were more challenging today, you know, because I had just completing knees to elbows. Ten & 5 unbroken reps, 5 singles, and 49 double unders.

Abmat sit-ups, back extensions, and stiff-legged deadlifts (80#) were completed in unbroken reps, followed by 64, 61, and (a mere) 41 double unders. My hamstrings were on fire! I didn’t drop the bar from my back, but I certainly rested to shake out my legs during back squats, and finished with a whimper. Just 23 double unders.

That’s a total of 359 double unders. I’ll take it.

Still haven’t done 15.5. Highly unlikely that I will. I see no good reason for doing so.

I Claim Victory

Uhm, I haven’t posted in four whole days. FOUR WHOLE DAYS! Wanna know why? WANNA KNOW WHY?

I’ll tell you why, but first an addendum to Monday’s workout, Partner Cindy. I completed the workout a fourth time, this time with my very good friend, Jay. YES, A FOURTH TIME.

Amazingly, I wasn’t the least bit tired nor sore, and Jay never sometimes often most of the time always struggled to keep up with me. We did kick some major ass, though, and completed 30 rounds + 14 reps. Yup, just 1 air squat (Jay?!) shy or 33 rounds. So that I could keep May, Jay’s lovely spouse, entertained, I often sang and danced. I once again completed all rounds of activities in unbroken reps. I also once again completed many butterfly pull-ups. I’m awesome like that.

May let me know that on the drive home Jay said to her: Paul doesn’t rest. Like ever.

Grand total for the day:

  • 280 pull-ups
  • 560 pushups
  • 825 air squats

As an aside, I question some of the scores of the other teams. There, I said it.

I had planned on working out Tuesday afternoon, as that would’ve been the only possible time I could do so. I coached the 6, 7, 8:30, & 9:30 am sessions. I had planned on eating a Best Bar Ever only to discover that Coach Nick had eaten the very last one. Dammit. I was very hungry, and had limited time before having to return to the box to lead the 11:45 session, so I caved into cravings and had a BoJangles chicken and egg biscuit.

Big mistake. BIG MISTAKE!

By the end of the afternoon session I wasn’t feeling very well. I coached the 4 pm session. I had set up the 5:15 athletes to begin the strength portion of the workout when I had this thought: Get a breath of fresh air. I went outside, rounded the corner, and engaged in some competition-worthy projective vomiting. Julie, who was sitting on one of the tires outside of the garage door, was kind enough to start the clock for me. I felt surprisingly much better after vomiting, but then began to feel worse as the session continued. The 6:30 endurance athletes were understanding when I asked them to attend the CF instead of Endurance session. I went home and went to sleep.

And slept 20 hours on Wednesday. Coaches Nick, Jennifer, and Marni were kind enough to cover my sessions. I was almost back to feeling some sense of normalcy by Thursday and was able to coach the Express and Endurance sessions.

I also joined the 6:30 PM endurance athletes and showed them how to run ran 400m in 69 seconds flat. That’s pretty fast. I do practice what I preach in that I took a breath every 4th step the first 100m, every 3rd step the next 200m, and every other step that last 100m. ‘Twas a strong finish.

I had (and have) no interest in completing 15.5. I was quite disappointed in the announcement, as thrusters and rowing for calories were expected. Boring.

I attended the Friday @ 4 pm session and did mah ohn thang.

18-min AMRAP
24″ box jump + 30″ box jump + 36″ box jump X 2
36 unbroken double unders
12 knees to elbows

I needed to sweat, and sweat I did. I didn’t, however, push myself too hard, and was grateful that Heather and Elizabella (Heather’s daughter) were there to check out the box and love on Luke. And not in that order.

I wore my GoPro. Why not?

I completed 8 rounds + 42 reps. I did have to restart a round of double unders, having missed the 10th rep, but did indeed complete all rounds in unbroken reps. I completed 6 rounds of knees to elbows in unbroken reps, mistakenly breaking the 5th round into unbroken sets of 7 & 5 reps. Oh, and I missed the very last rep of the 8th round. Whilst I didn’t drop from the bar, I did have to re-kip. Dammit.

That’s 54 box jumps (18 at each height), 324+ double udders, and 95 knees to elbows.

Saturday? No, SaturYAY! Coach Nick was unable to secure a babysitter, so I led the 8:30 as well as 9:45 sessions and then worked out at 11 am. Coach Jeff led the session. Jeffy? No, JeffYAY! I completed this workout a little over a year ago in a time of 50:03.

Run 1 mile
Then complete 6 rounds of 9 reps of the following:
— Handstand pushups
— Burpee pull-ups
— Banded deadlifts (185)
— Ring dips
— Burpee box jumps (30)
— Banded deadlifts 
Then run 1 mile

I ran the first mile in a somewhat slow time of 6:45. I set a goal to complete all rounds of activities except banded deadlifts in unbroken reps. During the second set of deadlifts of the 3rd round I thought, “Why am I breaking deadlifts into sets of 5 & 4 reps? I know that others have struggled, but I’m feeling strong today. Go for unbroken reps.” And that’s what I did. In retrospect, I’m disappointed in myself for not setting a goal of completing all activities in unbroken reps. Yup, I did complete all rounds of HSPUs, burpee pull-ups, ring dips, and burpee box jumps in unbroken reps.

Uhm, starting the final mile was perhaps the most challenging part of the workout, and I ever so briefly considered stopping to walk.

Thom happened to be approaching the 400m mark (returning from the 500m turnaround of his mere 1K run) as I approached my first turnaround. I had a decision to make: run with him or crush him like a bug.

I crushed him like a bug. I CRUSHED HIM LIKE A tiny BUG!

I also crushed my previous time by exactly 4 minutes, completing the workout in 46:03.

Jeff and I then went to the Beer and Bacon Festival. I like bacon. I love beer. I dislike unruly, drunken crowds.


Cindy, Cindy, Cindy

I worked out at 6 am this morning, and the session was led by Coach Nick. Whilst I didn’t join in on the tire flipping fun, I did partner with Stephen C. for “Partner Cindy.” I had initially planned on Steve D., Fernando, and Stephen C. flipping a coin to see who got the pleasure of partnering with me, but Steve S. insisted that Stephen C. has the pleasure of doing so.

Poor Stephen C.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner Cindy
20-minute AMRAP
– 5 pull-ups
– 10 pushups
– 15 air squats
Partners alternate activities. For example, Partner A complete 5 pushups, Partner B completes 10 pushups, Partner A complete 15 air squats (that’s 1 round), Partner B complete 5 pull-ups, Partner A complete 10 pushups, and Partner B complete 15 air squats (that’s 2 rounds).

IMG_7900-1Stephen began with pull-ups as I waited to do first set of pushups. I completed all rounds or all 3 activities in unbroken reps, and completed no less than 3 and sometimes all 5 pull-ups as reps of butterfly pull-ups. That was very good practice.

I would often complete jumping air squats toward other athletes and complete air squats with (or faster than) them. Holly, Laurie, Jaclyn, Lisa, wasn’t that fun?

Stephen and I completed 20 rounds + 2 reps; thus, I completed 10 rounds.

50 pull-ups, 100 pushups, 150 air squats

As Coach Nick needed a partner, I joined him for the 7 am session. We were more evenly matched, and worked very well together. I once again completed all rounds of reps unbroken and began all rounds of pull-ups with at least 2 butterfly reps. Nick and I completed 32 rounds + 3 reps; thus, I completed 16 rounds.

80 pull-ups, 160 pushups, 240 air squats

Uhm, Coach Jen needed a partner during the 8:30 session. Uhm, so I joined her. Jen and I were pretty evenly matched as well. I once again completed all rounds of reps unbroken as well as butterfly pull-ups and we completed 28 + 7 reps.

75 pull-ups, 140 pushups, 210 air squats

Grand Total: 205 pull-ups, 400 pushups, and 600 air squats

And I’m not the least bit sore.

Random Shit

Whilst coaching the 8:30 this past Saturday I said, “Be careful when putting away Abmats and yoga mats, as there are still folks completing the workout and they need keep track of 30-second plank holds. Don’t be a clock blocker.” Whilst coaching the 9:45 session that same day I said, “I hear both men and women grunting loudly and I can only imagine that this is what straight porn must sound like.”

Sarah and Evelyn hosted a baby shower for Felicia this past Saturday afternoon, and Nicholas brought his twins, Eleanor and 11014613_10152747241567196_1030605656683736209_nCharlie. Nicholas first placed Eleanor on my lap. I think/feel that he and others expected a negative reaction from me and possibly from Eleanor. Uhm, kids love me, as everyone knows that I’m a kid at heart. Nicholas then also placed Charlie on my lap, and the three of us got along splendidly. Everyone, including Jeff, was quite shocked.

This past Saturday night I went to dinner at Cowfish with the Dodges (in celebration of Steve’s birthday) and Evelyn and Thom. I had a delicious beer called “Horseshoes and Hand Grendades.” By the next day the name of the beer had changed to “Horseradish and Gumbo.”

Oh, it’s “Dodges” not “Dodge’s.” Plural versus possessive, folks.

Weaknesses and Strengths

Friday, March 20

I attended the very well attended 11:45 am session, led by Coach Marni. Gah, I knew 15.4 was going to be tough, and I wasn’t mistaken. Suffice it to say that I easily and quickly completed 3 HSPUs and called it a day. I didn’t even bother to complete scaled workout, as I’m now running doubles on Tuesdays and Thursdays with endurance. Uhm, I love running. Moving on.

I did complete Burpee Ladder, aka Burpee Hell, and matched previous PR of 18 rounds. That’s 171 burpees. And that’s not a typo.

Saturday, March 21

I attended the 8:30 session, led by Coach Nick.

Metcon (Weight)

Every 90 seconds for 8 rounds
Complete 1 FS + 2 BS
Take the bar from the rack. Quickly transition from FS to BS. Begin at 45-55% of FS 1RM and increase weight and form and execution improve.

I worked on smooth and fast transitions, focusing on not repositioning hands. I began with 130 and increased weight by 10 pounds until last set. Yup, I went a little heavier and completed FS + 2 BS @ 205#. Yup, I could’ve gone heavier. Squats felt awesome today.

Metcon (Time)

10, 9, 8… 3, 2, 1 per arm alternating arm plank to forearm to plank (coaches will demonstrate)
20, 18, 16… 6, 4, 2 Abmat sit-ups
Begin each roIMG_7731und with a 30-second plank hold
For example, hold plank for 30 seconds, complete 10 per arm alternating arm plank to forearm to plank reps, and 20 Abmat sit-ups. That’s the first round. For the second round once again begin with a 30-second plank hold. Complete 9 per arm alternating arm plank to forearm to plank reps, and 18 Abmat sit-ups.

For an added challenge I wore a 25# weight vest. Yup, I did that. I’ve never completed Abmat sit-ups whilst wearing a weight vest, and it was indeed challenging. My goal was to complete all rounds in unbroken reps, and I did just that. The last 2 plank holds were a struggle. I called time at 11:28. That’s 110 reps of alternating arm planks and sit-ups and 5 minutes of plank hold.

Luke was very clingy this morning, and was not only by my side the entire workout but also insisted that I play with him. I’d grab his squeaky toy as I rose from the floor during sit-ups. He would also put the squeaky toy on my butt during planks and, you guessed it, bite the toy so that it squeaked. What a silly dog!

We don’t fight

Wednesday, March 18

I talked Jeff into working out with me at 11:45 so that we could be partners. Yay! We work very well together, and we complement each other nicely.

Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)
With a partner
1-min rounds
Complete 6 rounds of the following 5 activities:
– Wall ball shots (20/14 & 10/9)
– SDHPs (95/63)
– Box jumps (24/20)
– Push press (75/53)
– Row for calories
Both partners rest 1 min between rounds

Partners alternate activities. For example, Partner A completes wall ball shots, box jumps, row for calories, SDHPs, and push press and Partner B completes SDHPs, push press, wall ball shots, box jumps, and row for calories. Rotate through this sequence 2 additional times.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.04.14 AM

Jeff, represented with blue text in the above table, began with wall ball shots. As you can see, I was a little more consistent than Jeff, and he agrees. “I was getting tired,” he said. I completed as many as 15 unbroken wall ball shots, but always rested when Coach Jennifer announced that there was 30 seconds remaining. Uhm, it’s just a workout.

I consistently completed 22 SDHPs, often completing the 22nd rep at the beep of the clock. I missed a box jump the last round; thus the decrease in reps. That’s an average of 35.5 box jumps a minute. Uhm, that’s more than 1 box jump every 2 seconds. Uhm, that’s spectacular. Uhm, no kidding.

You push press 644409_10152738622612196_8058573629339897699_na little more than half of your bodyweight over your head and let me know if it’s exhausting. I was pleased in that I was able to string together more than 15 unbroken reps. Yay! I also worked until the clock beeped, and as I thought I’d only get 1 rep every 2 seconds. I averaged 32 reps a round.

The second row was tough. The last row was tortuous. I closed my eyes I rowed. I grunted, and sweated, and swore. I was delighted that I was able to row 22 calories.

Our scores per round were 125, 141, 121, 135, 117, and 136. The scores were higher for rounds when I completed box jumps. Our total score was 775.

Let me reiterate that I’m not a dick when I partner with someone. I supported and encouraged Jeff, and he supported and encouraged me.

Let me also reiterate that I detest cheaters. If you miss a box jump, don’t count the rep. If you don’t fully extend your hips before jumping off of the box, don’t count the rep. If the barbell doesn’t touch above you clavicle, don’t count the rep. If the medicine ball doesn’t hit the target, don’t count the rep. If you don’t squat below parallel, don’t count the rep. If the C2 monitor displays another calorie after the timer sounds, don’t count the calorie. No one will care what your score is if you cheat.

Green Day

Luke joined me as I went downstairs to feed the kitties and make a cup of coffee. He then went outside, did his business, and went back to bed. I tried all of my usual tricks to get him to go with me to work, but in bed he stayed. Jeff was kind enough to bring Luke to the box to join me as I coached the 8:30 session and attended the 9:30 session, led by the always lovely Coach Deborah.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

With a Partner
1 min work; rest 1 min between rounds
Double unders
Only 1 partner may work at a time.

I feared that no one would partner with me. I was both surprised and delighted when Carin volunteered to do so! She is an absolute delight, and has shown tremendous progress in the short amount of time that she’s been a member. And you should see her pull a sled.

I honestly couldn’t tell you how many dus Carin and I completed individually. We worked very well together and completed 73, 80, 89, & 91 dus for a total of 333 reps. Yay!

Metcon (Time)

5 pull-ups
10 bent over rows (75/45)
15 air squats
Run 200m
10 pull-ups
20 bent over rows
30 air squats
Run 400m
20 pull-ups
40 bent over rows
60 air squats
Run 800m
Rx+ = C2B pull-ups, 95/63 bent over rows, and jumping air squats

Yup, I completed Rx+. I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it again: This was tough. I completed all 3 rounds of C2B pull-ups unbroken, including round of 20. I completed first 2 rounds of bent over rows unbroken and the round of 60 in reps of 10. I only completed the 1st round of jumping air squats unbroken and completed the rounds of 30 and 60 in reps of 10. The round of 40 bent over rows nearly destroyed me, and I was convinced that I’d have to complete the last 10 reps in sets of 5 reps. The last 30 jumping air squats were laborious, and I found myself resting far too long between sets of 10 reps.

Luke ran with me today, and he very much enjoyed doing so! I’d put on his leash, and off we’d go. He starting slowing me down during the 400m run so I let me run leash-free. He ran even more slowly during the 800m run so I once again let me run off-leash. He stuck right by my side. Good boy!

I love this picture of Luke with the evening endurance athletes.


Sun and Mon

Sunday, March 15

I worked out at 8:30, and Jeff was kind enough to lead the session.

Metcon (No Measure)

– With a running clock, every minute perform 1 lift and add 10#.

Start with an empty barbell and snatch for as long as possible.

Once you cannot snatch the weight, clean for as long as possible.

Once you cannot clean the weight, dead-lift for as long as possible.

Post heaviest load for the snatch, clean and dead-lift.

I snatched 115, cleaned 165 (couldn’t get under the bar for 175 and I really, really want to try again) and dead-lifted 345. I very much enjoyed this workout, and we’ll likely do it again. It was physically and psychologically exhausting. Just the way I like it.

Monday, March 16

I worked out at 6 am, and Nick led the session.

Thruster (EMOTM for 10 minutes complete 2 reps)

Begin @ 45-55% of 1RM and increase weight as form and execution improve.
Take barbell from rack.

‘Twas a full house this morning, so I used the jerk box. It’s quite a pain to change weights when the bar is resting on the boxes. I intended to complete last 2 reps at 135 but instead only thrustered (a new word I invented) 130.

A: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

7-min AMRAP
-1/arm DB TGU @ 50% of 1RM
-5/arm DB plank rows
-7/leg DB forward lunges
Rest 2 minutes between A & B

This was more difficult than even I imagined it would be. I used 35# DBs for A and completed 4 rounds + 10 reps (2 TGUs & 8 rows). The TGUs started to feel heavy by the last round. The lunges felt heavy all rounds. I alternated arms for rows, yo.

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5-min AMRAP
1, 2, 3… parallette pass throughs
2, 4, 6… lateral parallette hops

This was also more difficult than I imagined it would be. The lateral parallette hops were a welcome relief. I made it through the round of 8 and completed 3 additional pass throughs for a score of 111 reps. That’s 39 pass throughs and 72 hops.

Only Carin attended the usually well-attended 9:30 session, so i joined. her. As I had a rack I did 2 sets @ 95, 100, 105, & 115, and then sets at 125, 135, & 150. Yup, 150. That’s a PR. Yup, a PR.

For Part A I used 30# DBs the second go around, and completed 5 rounds + 16 reps. That’s quite an improvement. I also managed to complete 3 additional reps for Part B. Huh? How the hell did that happen? Thus, I completed 81 pass throughs today. Gah! I wonder if I’m going to be sore to more.

Uhm, it’s likely that I won’t be (say it along with me) the least bit sore.

I haven’t mentioned lately what an excellent mascot Luke is. I ♥ him dearly.


Fun at the Box!

The worldwide grumbling regarding muscle ups being included in the Games has somewhat subsided. I continue to be dumbfounded by the number of people who complete a workout more than once in the hope that they will improve their score and standings…while still not qualifying for Regionals. While I have reasons for not doing any workout more than once, the number one reason is that I’m a purist. The Games are competition. In a true competition you would only have one chance to complete the work (and with little if any advance preparation). Rant over. For now.

I worked out at 8:30 this morning, and it was another fun day at CrossFit Surmount! Coach Nick led the session.

Metcon (Weight)

EMOTM for 10 minutes
1 PC + 1 PP + 1 BS
Begin @ 45-55% of PP 1RM and increase weight as form and execution improve.

I began at 75# and completed rounds @ 80, 85, 90, 95,105, 115, 125, 135, & 145#. I really want to complete last set @ 150 or even 155, but couldn’t find any 2.5 or 5# plates. Dammit.

I wore my GoPro. I shall post video.

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Rotate through Tabatas; rest 1 minute between rounds

– Box jumps (24/20)
– Floor presses (95/63)
– Toes to bar
True tabata score, i.e., lowest number of reps per activity.

I increased height of box to 30″, weight of floor presses to 100#, and wore ankle weights for T2B. I completed 8 box jumps all 8 rounds. Yay! I began by completing 10 floor presses for the first 3 rounds and then things went downhill from there. Six reps rounds 4 though 7, but only 5 reps the last round. Dammit. Toes to bar went much better, and I was able to complete 6 reps each round, although I began with strict and eventually had to kip.

Score = 19


I like judging you

When Castro announced that the third activity of the triplet would be double udders I thought, “Great!” When he announced that the second activity would be wall ball shots I thought, “Okay. I can handle that.” When he announced that muscle ups were going the first activity of the triplet I thought, “Great for me! There’s going to be much bitching by others.” I’ll leave it at that.

I planned on doing workout at 9:30 am but my growling stomach forced me to go home. (Jeff and I had breakfast at IHOP.)

i attended the 11:45 am session and counted reps for James but then didn’t want to bother him to count for me.

I attended the 4 pm session and talked Jeff into judging my performance. He gladly agreed to do so. More about his later. By the way, I don’t enjoy working out in the afternoon.

CrossFit Games Open 15.3 (AMRAP – Reps)

14-Minute AMRAP of:
7 Muscle-ups
50 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# & 10′ target
100 Double-Unders

My goal was to complete 2 rounds. This was tough, and quite aerobically challenging. Uhm, I missed my very first muscle up and wall ball attempts. Ha! I was able to complete first round of muscle ups unbroken. I missed the first 3 attempts of first muscle up of second round, but was then able to complete set in reps of 4 and 3 unbroken reps. I did, however, “rest” whilst locked at at top of rep.

Wall ball shots were the most difficult part of the workout, and I completed at the most 10 unbroken reps any set. It was all that I could do to pick up the medicine ball and complete reps. I didn’t, however,  complete less than 7 unbroken reps any round, and the first wall ball shot was my only failed attempt. Uhm, that’s the first time I’ve thrown an air ball in ages.

I used my brand spanking new jump rope, although I did have orange-handled jump rope as a back-up. I was able to string together dus quite well today. Yay!

i completed the 100th rep of the second set of double unders with 30 seconds remaining on the clock. Jeff said, “Get in one muscle up.” I chalked my hands, walked to the rings, and watched the clock count down. I had to will myself to place my hands on the rings, as i was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to complete another rep. And then I surprised myself by completing not one but two reps. Again, yay!

My total score was 316 reps.

This isn’t a workout I want to do anytime so. If ever again.

After I had caught my breath I thanked Jeff and said, “Thanks for judging me. I always like when you judge me. He replied, “And I always enjoy judging you.” Yup, he had a twinkle in his eye.


135 dead-lifts

I worked out at 6 am this morning. Good times, good times.

50 strokes row (Calories)

Row max calories in 50 strokes

My goal was to row 50 and I rowed 53 calories. I’m short, people. It may be an advantage when running, but not when rowing.

Metcon (Time)

3 attempts to achieve fastest rope climb
Wrap, J-hook, legless

Legless rope climb in 4.9 seconds, yo.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10-min AMRAP
– 5 ring dips
-10 air squats
-15 dead-lifts (bodyweight)

This was major suckage. I completed all rounds of ring dips and air squats unbroken. I completed ring dips quickly and air squats, well, slowly. Why? Because dead-lifts followed air squats. I’m glad that I only weigh 143. Yup, I dead-lifted 145. I completed first round of dead-lifts unbroken, a few rounds in reps of 6, 5, & 4 reps, and near the end of the 10 minutes I was completing doubles and singles. I had completed almost 5 rounds at the halfway point, but knew that I wasn’t going to be able to complete 10 rounds. That would’ve been a round a minute. That would’ve been a rep every two seconds.

I had completed 9 rounds and with just a few seconds remaining completed 3 ring dips. That’s 48 ring dips, 90 air squats, and 135 dead-lifts. I dead-lifted 19,430 pounds. That’s 9.71 tons. Think about it.