Highs and Lows

I’ve been quite upset with my scaled performance of 15.1, as discussed in previous post. I (desperately) wanted to give it another try as prescribed. Jeff was kind enough to stay after the 11 am session and judge. I made sure to kindly forcefully ask folks to leave the box so that I didn’t have an audience.

I practiced split power snatching at 95, 100, 105, 110, & 115#. Uhm, keep in mind that my PS 1RM is indeed 115#.

CrossFit Games Open 15.1
9-min AMRAP
– 15 toes to bar
– 10 dead-lifts (115#)
– 5 power snatches (115#)
6 min to establish C&J 1RM

What a different workout it was! I scored 217 reps for scaled but a mere 95 reps today. And I’m much happier with today’s performance. I missed about 7 or 8 power snatches. Yup, I did that. I missed the very first 2 power snatches. Yup, the first two.

I took my sweet old time with toes to bar and dead-lifts, completing only the first round of toes to bar unbroken. I mistakenly broke the first set of dead-lifts into reps of 5, thinking the weight would feel as heavy as it did Friday. The weight felt light. Exceedingly light. I completed remaining sets in fast, unbroken reps.

After the completion of the AMRAP I rested about 45 seconds and clean & jerked 115, i.e., the weight on the bar. I then C&J 135 & 145. I was putting 2.5# plates on the bar when Jeff gave me a look that said “Go for 155.” That’s what I did, and the lift was easy. Uhm, I pressed 155. Yup, I did that. I then successfully C&J 160#. With a minute left I attempted 165#. Whilst I was able to clean the weight, I had two failed attempts at jerking it.

Jeff and I watched “The Fault in our Stars” last night. ‘Twas quite a tearjerker. Jeff informed me that if I died first that he would be unable present a eulogy, as he’d be too upset to do so.

Uhm, these are the thing I DO NOT WANT:

  1. Funeral
  2. Memorial Service
  3. Burial (I’m adamant about this)
  4. Eulogies of any sort
  5. Commemorations of any sort

These are my DEMANDS:

  1. Body donated to science (Do with it as you’d like. I’d most prefer being a crash test dummy.)
  2. Cremation of all remaining parts, if applicable
  3. Any remains flushed down the toilet (Jeff is aghast at this request.)
Post-151. libations.
Post-151. libations.

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