What a nice, warm day! I don’t even mind that it’s cloudy.

The following exchange between Kelli-with-an-i and yours truly took place last night via Facebook:

P: What time you working out, yo?
K: Wrong person?
P: No, Kelli with an i.
K: Um, not sure, I need to look at the wod, but maybe 1145 or 4? Is it OK to do both endurance and crossfit tomorrow?
P: Yup. Looking for a partner for partner WOD. Know anyone?
K: I see now. Ok, I can do 1145 or 4. I maaaaayyyy know of someone….

Ha! Kelli is a very strong athlete, and I always enjoy working out with her. Today was no exception.

A: Metcon (Time)

With a partner
2 rounds
400m run
21 KB swings (53/35)
12 pull-ups
2 rounds
400m run
21 KB swings (53/35)
12 pushups
This is a tag team. Partner A will run 400m and then tag Partner B who will then run 400m. Partner B will tag Partner A who will then complete 21 KB swings, etc.

A partner “Helen” of sorts. My goal, whilst not lofty, was to complete all rounds of KB swings, pull-ups, and pushups unbroken, and to also complete all KB swings as snatch + press. I easily achieved this goal. Kelli also completed all KB swings and pushups unbroken, and was able to string together quite a few pull-ups as well.

Susie’s running has improved significantly. Uhm, she had 3 or 4 seconds on Kelli (who started the workout) for first 400m! I took the lead during my first 400m run and Kelli and I kept the lead from there.

Kelli and I communicate very well together, and she’s not only a strong athlete and a fierce competitor, she’s also fun to be around. She’s like a female version of Jeff. I think I’ll call her Jelli. Or Keffi. Or Kelfi. Yeah, I think I’ll call her Kelfi.

Time: 20:56

Scott visited from SC today. Coach Deborah said that when he saw me run for the first time he said, “God, he’s fast.” Ha! Karen, who attended the Running Clinic this past weekend, told me that I reminded her of the Terminator from Terminator 2. Ha!

Thanks for being my workout buddy, Kelfi!

We next completed 1-min max weight plank holds. I asked Coach Deborah to get on the scale to determine the weight that I would be first planking. She weighs 152#. Even though she kinda sorta dug her knees into my back, I easily held plank. Julie was next. I easily plank 182#. I may need to plank Jay.

We ended the session with a plank pyramid, with me on the bottom (giggle, giggle), Kelli in the middle (like Oreo stuffing), and Susie on the top. Luke made sure to get lots and lots of kisses.


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